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Putin’s Plan is Not to Stop Once Ukraine Conquered

MARIUPOL - Ukraine - In WW2, Hitler did not stop as he moved forward, and neither will Putin. After Ukraine is conquered, Putin's hunger for conquest will not be sated. The Russian Gulags will be overflowing.

Putin’s Nuremberg Rally Replete With Z Swastika Waving Crowds

MOSCOW - Russia - Vladimir Putin's rally to celebrate the invasion of Crimea resembles Hitler's Nuremberg rally in many ways.

Can Vlad the Imperialist Take Our Playbook Further?

VIRGINIA - USA - CIA veteran Colonel Z. Brinkman Shadowplay III Esquire has written a rather lengthy letter to his old pal, Uncle Vlad extolling the virtues of needless butchery, imperialism and clandestine operations.

Kremlin Insiders: Putin Has a Penchant For Fried Eggs

MOSCOW - Russia - Kremlin Insiders have revealed the secrets of their supreme leader, Vladimir Putin's success. Fried eggs.

Putin Needs a Politburo to Keep Him in Check

MOSCOW - Russia - Surrounded by fearful 'yes men' maybe Vladimir Putin needs a Politburo to keep him and his actions in check.

Putin’s Military Operation is Not Necessarily About Ukraine

KYIV - Ukraine - Putin's invasion may not be about seizing another country but a deceptive decoy to his actual operational plan.

Putin Reveals to Senior Aide That He is the Next Antichrist

MOSCOW - Russia - An FSB operative has revealed how Russian president admitted that he was the Antichrist even revealing his long-term plans.

Putin Has Shown His Hand and So Will the Others

LONDON - England - Now that Putin has shown his hand, the others will also step up to the plate.

Putin Takes Russian People Back to Long Queues to Buy Soviet...

MOSCOW - Russia - Vladimir Putin has taken the Russian people back to the Stone Age technologically and militarily.

Great Home Design Ideas During World War III

LONDON - England - Using wonderful home interior design ideas, you can convert formerly banal spaces into intricately stylish living quarters.

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