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Poor Old Dilbert – Cancelled!

NEW YORK - USA - The cancellation of comic strip Dilbert is simply another intolerant totalitarian footstep towards complete undemocratic dystopian nightmare of coercion and repression, killing off all vestiges of individual freedom.

The Dilbert cartoon strip, a much-loved mainstay of newspaper columns since the 1980s, has been sadly cancelled by the puritanical, humourless cultural Marxists. Deleted from 77 newspapers by sovietized American publishing conglomerate Lee Enterprises.

Satirising daily office life, Dilbert always gave an insight into what was really going on in the offices of America, but fell foul when the creator, Scott Adams, dared to satirise the ‘woke’ culture currently infiltrating entire swathes of the corporate landscape.

By simply addressing what is going on at any given time, is now a crime amongst the humourless, who cannot laugh at themselves anymore. The so-called tolerant liberals used to be able to have a laugh, but now are devoid of traditional liberal ideals of acceptance and of tolerance, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the right to due process and equality under the law. They have moved so far left that there is an almost Stalinistic attitude to their actions these days. As Stalin would ‘cancel’ (have people shot or sent to a gulag) anything or anyone around him who held any sort of opposing view or individual thought, so too are the woke Stalinists cancelling anything or anyone who dares to laugh at the ridiculousness of their bastardised Marxist woke ideology.

MAD magazine of course went the same way, and now it is Dilbert’s turn. Blackadder now has trigger warnings all over it, and even George Orwell’s book 1984 has been re-written for the sovietized woke generation with trigger warnings in tow because the original book is deemed as too true in describing the dystopian nightmare of wokism. Thoughtcrime is punished daily by woke censors on social media and the all encompassing search engine that now has the power to skew elections in favour of the far-left communist totalitarian extremists dictating every thought process. Doublethink is now a very real concept and can be heard daily in the orchestrated newsrooms that control all the narrative that you are repeatedly fed.

We are obviously in the midst of witnessing the end of Western free democracy and the beginning of totalitarian communism where there is little or no distinction between the actions of Putin, the CCP, Iran or North Korea. The West has itself metamorphosised into what it used to deride and fight against in the past.

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