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Putin Hails Success as Stray Dog Votes For Russian Referendum in Ukraine

DONETSK - Ukraine - Because there are no humans alive in the war torn region to vote in the Russian referendum, a stray dog has been recruited to vote.

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Amongst the burned out buildings, bloated bodies and charred human remains, the Russian occupiers have had a hard time finding anyone alive to vote in the sham referendum in the illegally occupied region of Donetsk, Ukraine. Thankfully, a stray dog found barely alive was enlisted to vote for Russian annexation of the Ukrainian territory. Igor the stray, has been hailed on state TV as a Russian hero for voting in the referendum to declare the completely destroyed Ukrainian territory as belonging to Russia.

“We told the dog one woof for a vote for Russia, and two woofs for a vote for Russia. Thankfully, the dog voted for Russia, so as a reward we took him to an open mass burial site where innocent Ukrainian civilians were murdered in cold blood by Russian soldiers. He can now eat as much food as he wants,” Maria Zakharova, Putin’s spokeswoman, revealed on state news.

All across Russia, posters of Igor the Stray have been displayed along with a slogan The Z Dog (Собака Z).

Russian state TV producers are even planning a children’s cartoon series featuring the Ukrainian dog forced to vote for the sham referendum.

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