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Putin: Genius or Madman?

URAL MOUNTAINS - Russia - Is Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia a genius or a clinically insane madman?

Putin Will Put Ukrainians in Concentration Camps

KYIV - Ukraine -Putin and his regime have vowed to detain 'undesirable' elements in concentration camps from the invaded country.

WW3 Latest: Putin Sudetenland Ploy Works a Treat

Kyev - Ukraine - Dictator Valdimir Putin is mirroring the exact ploy Hitler utilised in the Sudetenland in 1938.

Grandmaster Putin Moves Troops Into Ukraine – West Impotent

DONETSK - Russia - Grandmaster Putin has pulled off another geopolitical master stroke as Russian troops move into former Ukrainian territory.

Living With Covid Living With Putin

LONDON - England - Living with Covid and living with Putin are now the norm. Perpetual states of fear amongst the human population are the new stasis point.

Biden: “I’m Warning You Putin. If You Invade I Will...

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Biden warns Putin that he will do nothing if he invades Ukraine.

Time is Running Out For Putin and Xi Jinping

MOSCOW - Russia - Under the Biden administration, the USA is a militarily crippled, divided nation ripe for the picking opportunity for Xi Jinping and Putin.

WW3 Update: Baiting the Bear in 2021 For a 2014 Problem

CRIMEAN PENINSULA - Black Sea - Is it worth it for the West to dredge up a lost 2014 problem and risk WW3 in 2021?

WAR: Why Putin is Moving Now

UKRAINE RUSSIA BORDER - Vladimir Putin is running out of time, and is pushing for daring military offensives against Ukraine to regain what is claimed by Russia.

Grandmaster Putin Playing Biden Like a Flute

MOSCOW - Russia - Compared to Grandmaster Putin, Joe Biden is about as sharp as a blunt butter knife. The Russians are running rings around the weak USA.

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