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Art Gallery Assassination: World War III?

ANKARA - Turkey - As far as art gallery exhibitions go, this one went off with a bang or five, unfortunately resulting in the demise of the Russian ambassador to Turkey.

Can Labour Be Trusted If They Support Russia?

LONDON - England - The Russians have infiltrated many institutions within Britain including the Labour party.

Experts: ISIS is Root of True Islam and Cannot be Defeated...

LONDON - England - The Global War Analysis think tank summarises the futility of trying to fight an ideology or belief system like ISIS with weapons and military force.

Donald Trump: “I’m Going to Grab the World By the P*ssy!”

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Donald Trump has won the presidency and he will now bide his time in making his agenda known.

US Election Latest: It’s Over For Trump

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Most of us already knew it was never to be, but now even staunch Trump supporters are starting to feel the pressure of defeat.

Russia: When Satan Comes to Visit

MOSCOW - Russia - The Russians have today unveiled their latest little play toy, the RS-28 Sarmat, or Satan 2, stealth ballistic missile which can destroy an area the size of France with a single detonation travelling at speeds up to Mach 12.

DEFCON 3 : USA Steps Up to the Plate For Russian...

NORAD COLORADO SPRINGS - USA - According to many sources, we are now at DEFCON 3, due to the deterioration of relations between the United States and Russia.

Impoverished Russia: Soon the Bear Will Lash Out in Desperation

MOSCOW - Russia - Could Putin come out of the cold? It is not too late to make the right decision for the Russian people.

Putin: “I Did Not Give the Order to Shoot Down MH17...

MOSCOW - Russia - Vladimir Putin does not care if the West blames him for the murder of 298 people on the MH17 downed passenger plane.

Everyone’s Racist If You Have Eyes and Can See You Are...

LONDON - England - From birth, the human condition of distinction of differences is a natural human mechanism, conditioned over thousands of years of human existence, called racism or being racist.

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