Putin’s Plan is Not to Stop Once Ukraine Conquered

MARIUPOL - Ukraine - In WW2, Hitler did not stop as he moved forward, and neither will Putin. After Ukraine is conquered, Putin's hunger for conquest will not be sated. The Russian Gulags will be overflowing.

Solovetsky Stone is a monument in honor of victims of political repression in USSR.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia, Solovetsky Stone is a monument in honour of victims of political repression imprisoned in Gulags in USSR. Created by Y. Rybakov and Y. Ukhnalyov.

Once Ukraine is vanquished, and the military defeated, the remaining population will be sent to camps in Russia, as we successfully predicted. Reports are coming through from Ukraine that civilians from Mariupol have been sent to camps on the Russian mainland, forced to work for no pay. Our predictive article on camps was published on February 25, and the terrible reality of the situation occurred on March 20, reported by many media sources.

As the West, particularly countries like Germany, dither on action, there is a certainty to Putin’s plans that is unnerving as we know he has nothing left to lose. Much like a rat that is cornered, there is only one way to go, and that is forward. Putin’s plans will thus involve a move through Eastern Europe, Poland, Sweden and Finland. There will be possible moves into Arctic territories disputed by Russia and the USA.

Despite trying to hurt the Russian economy via sanctions, Putin knows the United States under the Biden administration is itself in a crippled state and weak. The USA, once the World’s Policeman, is now a pathetic shadow of its former self led by a babbling idiotic demented flaccid wishy-washy socialist Biden. Things would have been very different if the USA had a strong, robust leader who could actually string a coherent sentence together, who knew what is going on in the world. The current awful global situation can only be attributed to the people who installed Biden illegally.

In a barrack for prisoners in camp GULAG
Interior of a barrack for prisoners in camp GULAG on island Mudjug in a river mouth Northern Dvina, Russia.

The recent Putin rally is proof of his resolve not only to see his campaign in Ukraine through, but to continue his crusade towards Berlin and Paris — the ultimate prize to his endeavours. All the West can do is watch, and threaten to prosecute Putin for war crimes in Ukraine. It is all and well prosecuting someone like Putin, but the prosecution is useless if you cannot put the blighter in the dock. What are they going to do helicopter into Putin’s bunker and snatch him whilst surrounded by thousands of crack Spetsnaz troops?

Meanwhile, China is watching all of this with eagerness. Overtly it is showing distance from Russia to keep the West placated, but covertly there is a military and economic pact with Russia. China welcomes the increased gas and oil flow from Russia as well as the wheat reserves. The Chinese Communist Party is also watching the weak response by the USA and NATO and adjusting its plans regarding its own Taiwan campaign.

India is also set to import massive amounts of Russian crude oil bolstering Russia’s sanctioned economy. For Putin and his cronies, India is a huge gift to the Russian economy and will shore up the military campaign in Ukraine. The West can only watch and have been silent to the acquisitions from the East of Russian commodities.

Meanwhile, in Washington, Joe Biden and his sclerotic anaemic administration can only watch in horror as Putin slowly advances forward in Ukraine bombing buildings indiscriminately abducting citizens to concentration camps deep in Russia.