Another Dangerous Dog Tragedy – Will the Subclasses Ever Learn?

LIVERPOOL - England - Another tragedy has occurred involving a newly born baby and a dangerous dog brought into a home. Will these people ever learn?

Ferocious Rottweiler barking mad on black background.

What is it about introducing ferocious flesh ripping animals, bred specifically to kill anything that moves into a household; especially homes with little children or elderlies ready for the taking. One would think a dangerous killing machine should not really be a household pet, but more suited to illegal dog fighting dens in some dark inner city dump where baying brutes bet over equally barking brutes in the ring.

Bella-Rae Birch, just 17 months old, was attacked by the family pet on Monday afternoon at home on Bidston Avenue in Blackbrook, St Helens at around 3.50pm on Monday. Emergency services took her to hospital, where she sadly died from her injuries. SOURCE

The sink estates, the social housing, the council estates are full to the brim with these creatures lurking the dank concrete corridors. The public parks are now havens for these dangerous breeds trained to be even more aggressive, hunting down regular breeds of dogs to maul or little kiddies playing in the sandpits. You cannot walk in any park in Britain these days without being set upon by either the thugs or the brutish killer dogs on the end of their leashes. Most of the time, these deadly beasts are let loose leashless to not only leave huge steaming piles of shit everywhere but to snarl at you menacingly, ready to pounce and rip your throat out at any moment.

It is a rarity to see one of these breeds not snarl threateningly at you as you take a nice stroll in the park on a rare sunny day. Their spindly track suited handlers laugh and egg the animal on or give it a brutal kick up its backside. Smoking their skunk weed nonchalantly, they venture off to the children’s playgrounds to sell their wares, whether crack or the latest mutant strain of skunk weed that will invariably gift the unfortunate user with severe untreatable schizophrenia.

What does it say of the IQ levels of the subclasses that they introduce such dangerous dogs into their households with babies, young children and other vulnerable humans? This is why they are possibly stuck in this never-ending circle of poverty from generation to generation? One could even postulate that the introduction of dangerous dogs into households is a form of natural selection, and a cruel reminder to the clueless owners that their own over breeding practices are not approved by nature itself?

No doubt, there will be further tragedies of the same in the future, ad infinitum.