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Meghan Markle Seen Flying Over Belize in Helicopter

SAN IGNACIO - Belize - Meghan Markle has been spotted in a helicopter over the area where Wills and Kate are visiting.

As the royal media extravaganza continues in Belize with the Cambridges, William and Kate, a certain former royal is not happy about all the attention those two are getting.

Easy on the collective, luv

“I hired a helicopter, and Harry taught me some flying skills over the past week. I plan to fly over those two and drop leaflets of the Sussexes. I am still a Duchess and Royal. Da Queen said so, and so did Oprah!”

Royal protection officers for Prince William and Kate were not too happy about the news that Meghan Markle will be swooping around Belize airspace.

Officer Grant Trimble, has asked the Belize government for permission to employ a no-fly zone where Wills and Kate are performing their royal duties.

“Today, I have spoken with the Belize military, and we will put up nets around the royal no-fly zone, so if we see that Meghan Markle woman in her helicopter it will be easy to trap her and send her back to Montecito. It will be like catching an annoying mosquito buzzing around.”

As for Harry, he has not been seen in weeks, but who cares about him anyway?

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