Putin Will Put Ukrainians in Concentration Camps

KYIV - Ukraine -Putin and his regime have vowed to detain 'undesirable' elements in concentration camps from the invaded country.

concentration camps
The road leading to the death concentration camp

The FSB (formerly KGB) are already on the ground in Ukraine and taking names. As NATO stands by watching from afar as a democratic nation in Europe is brutally invaded by Russia, thousands of Ukrainians are trying to flee the country via the car park road jams.

Putin’s dangerous rhetoric that Ukraine needs to be ‘deNazified’ is a clue to his current mindset, and this will mean millions of Ukrainians could be detained on this ridiculous and paranoid precept. Russian spies have already compiled extensive lists of Ukrainians to be detained. The Russian security forces will also round up all homosexuals in Ukraine to be sent to camps.

We even have YouTubers on the ground like Johnny FD, a very personable American/Mongolian fellow who voluntarily has stayed behind in Kyiv where he recently purchased three apartments. The poor guy may be an expert in passive income stream creation, but he may lose everything when the Russians march into the capital city. Rather stupidly, he could have bought a luxury apartment in Turkey where there is sunshine and sea, but he chose Ukraine instead, possibly because of the Slavic women.

The other YouTuber purported to be somewhere in Kyiv is Bald and Bankrupt, who is a Soviet aficionado creating highly entertaining videos of his exploits in former Soviet lands. Fully conversant in Russian and Hindi, Bald hails from Brighton. He is an expert in Soviet murals and easy Slavic pussy. He also has a fetish for Indian policewomen frolicking around in their uniforms, directing traffic.

concentration camps

One can only feel sorry for the Ukrainian people who have nowhere to go, many will be targeted by the Russian security apparatus to be detained indefinitely in camps either in Ukraine or Siberia.

This is something not talked about by any news sources, but Putin has built numerous camps across the former USSR, and many political dissidents are either put in these camps or simply erased. Much like China is doing to the Uyghur people, millions of Ukrainians would meet the same fate. Ironically, Putin claimed ‘genocide’ was being committed on Russians in the Donbass region, however by invading he himself may commit genocide on Ukrainians.

As of now, Russian forces have completely surrounded the Ukrainian capital city, and this is a multipronged invasion on a democratic European nation. The West can only watch from afar, neutered and impotent, unable to act but threaten mild sanctions that will no doubt bring a wry smile to Putin and his billions. Putin will simply sell his oil and gas to China now, who have a huge demand for it. The union with China and Russia will make for a dangerous adversary for the West, and Russia will increase its wealth, especially after acquiring Ukraine.

We can only pray for the poor people of Ukraine, and the citizens of Russia, who did not have any choice in this matter.