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PRNEWS.IO Took an Initiative to Support the Ukrainian Media

KYIV - Ukraine - Every facet of the country is under attack from Russia, including the media. PRNEWS.IO has thus taken the initiative to support Ukrainian publishers.

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The PRNEWS.IO team came up with an initiative to support the Ukrainian media. The platform offers businesses to buy appearances in Ukrainian media using their catalogue. To support the work of editorial offices during the war, the service has cancelled fees for all media outlets owned by Ukrainian publishers.

Despite the shelling, the Ukrainian media continue to work on the informational front, publish objective news, photo, audio, and video evidence of Russia’s aggression against the Ukrainian people. They are regularly attacked by hackers, they get on the list of enemies of Roskomnadzor and are limited in online access.

Most media before the war were financially dependent directly on advertising. According to PRNEWS.IO, since February 24, its volume has decreased by 90-100%. The editorial offices are asking the news outlets and businesses of other countries to support the work of the Ukrainian journalists. However, not everyone has the opportunity to accept money from abroad.

“The significance of the activities of our journalists and editorial offices, as well as their courage, cannot be overestimated. Staying in Ukraine, working under shelling or from bomb shelters, they risk their lives preparing and publishing objective news about what is happening in Ukraine.

“Therefore, the PRNEWS.IO team offers domestic and foreign companies to buy advertising in Ukrainian media using the platform catalogue. By paying for content, you will help the voice of Ukrainian journalists to strengthen and tell the whole world about what is happening in Ukraine,” says Oleksandr Storozhuk, the PRNEWS.IO board member.

The advantage of the platform is the unique financial logistics. Thanks to it, the service can accept payments from anywhere in the world and promptly sent them to the media.

To join the PRNEWS.IO initiative to support Ukrainian media that are left without the usual sources of funding, it is enough:

  • select the publication you want to support in the catalogue;
  • click the “Checkout” button on the right and make the payment;
  • in the order form, write words of support and send the text.

Funds will be assessed and available for news outlets immediately.

The PRNEWS.IO platform is currently connected to 5000+ news sites owned by Ukrainian publishers.


PRNEWS.IO is an Eastern European startup based on a mission to use big data for predictable brand communications with people through media stories. The company collects information on hyperlocal online newspapers and niche online publications. A total of 72,000 media outlets from 142 countries are connected to the platform. Since the beginning of 2021, the platform PRNEWS.IO has been visited by more than 1.5 million people.

PRNEWS.IO operates in Estonia and has a development office in Ukraine. The company is also a service provider for the Estonian digital citizenship program — e-Residency.

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