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Why Are Short-Sighted NIMBY Republicans Against Funding Ukraine Defence?

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Ignorant NIMBY and short-sighted Republicans who are against Ukraine defence funding are insular and deluded morons.

The idiotic ramblings of NIMBY short-sighted and ignorant Republican politicians who are against funding Ukraine defence is a sure sign of insularity that pervades the current Republican Party. Why are they against the funding of Ukraine’s defence from aggressor Russia? Well, to put it lightly, it’s because some Republicans do not think globally, like most Americans they are completely ignorant to the fact that there is an entire world outside their American bubble. Furthermore, if there is nothing affecting the direct borders of the United States, then it does not matter to these ignorant idiots. Of course, if the Russians were invading a country like Mexico directly on the US border, things would be different for the insular NIMBY Republicans.

Blinkered ignorance and arrogance

What these short-sighted ignorant lunatics like Marjorie Taylor Greene do not realise is that if Ukraine is lost, Putin will not stop there, he will be bolstered by his victory and continue onwards to take the entirety of Europe. Once Europe is lost, it’s the USA’s turn.

Appeasers to Putin/Hitler

It took Pearl Harbour to wake up the fucking insular Americans before they bothered to join WW2, even though poor old Churchill was literally begging for America’s help for ages. It may take another Pearl Harbour event for the Republicans to be convinced that the invasion of Ukraine by Russia is a threat to global and American peace. At least wanting to fund the Ukraine defence is something the Democrats are doing correctly.

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