War: Why You Need to Thank the Globalists for Building Up the Chinese Military

WASHINGTON D.C - USA - Globalists for the past forty years have been building up communist China's military might.

china war ww3 CCP
Chinese Communist Party (CCP) hierarchy under Supreme Soviet Comrade Xi Jinping

Globalism can be great if the entire globe is democratic, but if some parts of the trade structure are made up of brutal totalitarian communist governments, then all you are doing is building up their military infrastructure. This is why the globalists are complicit in creating wars of the future.

Through sheer greed, cheap labour and resources, globalists used China to make vast profits for Western companies and build up China’s wealth knowing full well that China’s overall CCP plan is to eradicate the West militarily and economically.

Therefore, every cheap item you have bought either from a Walmart supermarket, or from companies like Amazon, or IKEA in the last thirty or forty years, that money has been used by the People’s Liberation Army to strengthen China’s overall military capabilities to attack the West.

The controlling globalist leaders of Western nations knew this would happen all along and when it comes to responsibility for the current situation where China is now converting their economy from a peaceful trading stance to a wartime closed off stance, they are completely complicit.

What can we expect when China moves on Western interests and declares war? First to go, of course will be Taiwan. We can also safely theorise that Australia, Japan and much of South-East Asian countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand will fall.

The CCP has thousands of embedded operatives in the United States whose function is of destabilisation of the infrastructure. Furthermore, much of the American left wing political apparatus like the Democrat party, Big tech, ANTIFA, BLM, Hollywood has been aligned with China for decades and stuffed with CCP funding. Their role was in fracturing and destabilising American society from the inside. When you polarise a nation as efficiently as China has done to the USA, loyalties shift amongst the population. Many American left-wing people now identify more with communist China than their own country. This state of affairs plays into the long game the Chinese communists have been exercising all along.

Many wars are won in preparation, which is a fundamental principle the CCP and PLA have adhered to with clinical aptitude. There is a reason China has been stockpiling over 60% of the globe’s wheat, grain and corn for the past two years. Once military operations commence on Taiwan, they know what the Western reaction will be. Whilst China has been slowly repatriating their assets from Western nations, many Western assets in China will be seized once war commences. The CCP will seize all company assets, factories, property costing the West billions. Needless to say, all trade with the West will be halted costing it trillions of dollars in lost revenue. The CCP having fulfilled its plan to upgrade and modernise China’s vast military force will not need the West’s money anymore, when the prize is vast territorial conquest who needs the West’s business? China used to be the cheap factory of the world, but now it will be the war machine of the world.

With a weak, pathetic and corrupt administration in the U.S. China and Russia are both capitalising on a deficit in global power from the United States.