What Brexit? Immigration Rising at Record Rate

LONDON - England - Despite Brexit promises to lower overall immigration, the government has reneged on its promise and let in hundreds of thousands of migrants.

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The latest figures we have year-on-year show that work visas issued were up to 240,000, family reunions, 280,000, student visas 430,000.

Whilst there is some leakage with illegal immigration across the Channel, underneath the radar, the government has an open door policy for legal immigration. The majority of migrants are coming from India, simply because the government has made a deal to sweeten up trade deals with Narendra Modi, the Indian PM.

What the UK is essentially doing is supplanting mass immigration from the EU with that of the Third and Developing world.

Visa and immigration advisers are preparing for a massive influx of inquiries ahead of a deal, which could be in place as soon as November.

Boris Johnson met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss a deal last week. Any concessions agreed on immigration will give the UK ‘a golden opportunity’ to patch up its labour shortage and enter a new era of immigration, post-Brexit, according to experts. SOURCE

There are plenty of unemployed British workers to fill jobs, but the Johnson government are still opening the doors to massive immigration from Asia.

Brexit Britain is effectively going backwards, not forwards regarding immigration, which was one of the key triggers for many Brexiteers voting during the EU Referendum. This Brexit betrayal is much more important than the silly fish wars, the EU punishments or the NI imbroglio.

We might as well have not had a Brexit, because this already overcrowded little island is about to get a lot more overcrowded. Dumping millions of immigrants onto already overloaded cities and towns like rats in a barrel will mean less resources for Brits, as the NHS is already heaving under a mass of people, and all social and benefit services are already seriously oversubscribed.

Britain is still under ECJ law; is increasing massive levels of immigration and is barely a sovereign nation still subject to EU diktats. This is not the Brexit people voted for on June 23, 2016.