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Lindsay Lohan Joins Paris Hilton in Islam

LOS ANGELES - USA - Lindsay Lohan has embraced the Islamic religion and was photographed carrying a copy of the Koran, on Wednesday

Paris Hilton Converts to Buddhism

LOS ANGELES - USA - Former socialite, Paris Hilton has now decided to convert to Buddhism, after sensationally converting to Islam last week, her press officer, Ian Brinkham has revealed.

Paris Hilton Converts to Islam

JEDDAH - Saudi Arabia - Former American socialite, Paris Hilton has converted to Islam, her spokesman, Ian Brinkham, has revealed to CBS news.

Paris Hilton to Have Size 16 Feet Surgically Reduced

LOS ANGELES - USA - Surgeons at UCLA Hospital were today preparing for a major surgical operation on Paris Hilton's huge size 16 feet.

Paris Hilton Goes Souvenir Hunting in Rwanda

KIGALI - Rwanda - Paris Hilton arrived yesterday in her private jet on a humanitarian mission to acquire some wonderful souvenirs.

No Paparazzi Attend Set-Up Paris Hilton Photo Op!

LOS ANGELES - CA - Only one person witnessed adult film actress Paris Hilton getting into her Bentley on Sunday night after attending a BBQ at a friend's house in Beverly Hills.

Disgraceful Paris Hilton £50 Million Inheritance Axed

LOS ANGELES - CA - Barron Hilton, the billionaire grandfather of Paris Hilton, has finally axed Paris Hilton inheritance after being appalled at her vile antics.

Paris Spectacular Prison Re-Entry

LOS ANGELES - CA - In an amazing U-turn by the Los Angeles court system, a judge has ruled that spoiled brat Paris Hilton needs more gratuitous weeping photo ops.

Paris’ Early Jail Release

LOS ANGELES - CA - Paris Hilton was released from jail today after serving 3 days out of the required 45 day sentence.

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