Paris Hilton Converts to Buddhism

LOS ANGELES - USA - Former socialite, Paris Hilton has now decided to convert to Buddhism, after sensationally converting to Islam last week, her press officer, Ian Brinkham has revealed.

“What can we say, Paris thought she was into that other religion last week but she gets bored all too easily. Besides, the praying five times a day thing with fasting was really getting on her tits. She likes to dress in fetish gear daily as well, and underneath her Burqa it was getting way too stinky,” Mr Brinkham revealed.

What was tipped as a major turning point in Islamic Western relations has now turned into a farce of epic proportions with even President Obama getting involved.

“I keep getting Middle Eastern leaders phoning me on the hotline praising Paris Hilton for her conversion to Islam. I then try to explain to them who Paris Hilton is, but they don’t get it,” a frustrated Barack Obama relayed through his press office.



The former glamour model and ex-heiress, who has slept with a reputed 12,000 people so far, seems to be finally reaching enlightenment and celebrated her spiritual journey yesterday by splashing out on a pair of $8,000 shoes.

She met former felon, Bodhidharma Mahatma Ibn Himar during the same retail therapy session at the famous Rodeo Drive shopping area in Beverly Hills and was convinced to join his Buddhist sect.

“I think this time this is the right religion for her. Although I have to say she has been through about 23 religions and cults this year alone,” her sister, Nicky Hilton told TMZ.

Paris’ latest boyfriend, Brad Mullet, opined: “Paris tried Islam for a week. Now she’s being mentored by a Buddhist monk and I guess two weeks from now she might try something else.”

  • Marek

    Islam isn’t an easy religion to leave – Sharia law insists on the death penalty for those who do

  • jerry syder

    big foot has gone islam? or buddhist? what a fucking joke.

  • Belladonna

    What size feet does Paris have?

  • charity

    I'm extremely frighten of her feet there so scary to even look at sweet Jesus that's all I can notice screw this story, EWWWWWW I totally thought it was photo shop!!!

  • jyoti Arjya

    good diction sister

  • Hussain

    Better go and read your men made bible whats its written about islam, you guys are following what yout godfather st benadict saying, if he says rabbit has 3 legs you pple also will say yes, becos you ppls havent knowledge of your own religion, first find the rabbish in your own path and come to us,

  • LOL

    I think she reached enlightenment when she lost her marbles 12,000 times over.

  • TRT

    some people likes to pray to idols,cows,human,etc and they insult islam without an evidence
    i tell ya something you would never find a mistake in quran
    lol , look at you sam it's all because of your lust
    thanks for your comment Islam Follower
    Try to read some Islamic real books of Character and Belief but not made by Jewesh and Cristians, may be you can find the answer.

  • vikram

    a great thing happen,budhism spread all over the world,because it give solid true answers to the life,not like others,it s a practise of peace,wisdo and tolerance,these are embrasing the budhism not by anty force/piece of bread/cup of milk.

    budha bless u


  • Siti

    Which part of quran you read that does not make sense ? Quote the specific verse.

  • noor kat

    $8,000 shoes shouldn't be so ugly – just sayin'….

  • A. Non Amos

    I initially read the link about Paris becoming Muslim from a link posted in FB by my cousin. Then someone posted HAHAHAHA.. then the next post.. they said no it's true, next line, gave this link. If you would scroll down to the bottom of this page… it clearly states, Β© Copyright 2011 | The Daily Squib is a curious satirical publication and should therefore be taken fu**ing seriously πŸ˜‰

    Satire is defined as noun
    the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.
    a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule.
    a literary genre comprising such compositions.

    It's supposed to be for entertainment purposes… It's not meant to create disharmony against religions or have people attack one another based on their beliefs.

  • Noel

    The Religion of Morons.

  • Lonte

    see you islam ppl just get 2 overconfident thinking you're the righteous one
    see what that bitch actually is

  • Sarah

    Look, insulting religions will get you nowhere in life. I'm not agreeing with what you say about how Islam isn't a religion, it's a cult, etc. I'm not muslim, I'm christian, and I have a few muslim friends. Let's say I got a bit curious. I read the entire Quran translated. Not one bit seems to critique jews or christians. Tim, do your research before you make us all look like ignorant retards who are not accepting to others. Islam is a beautiful religion, it's the media and other extremists that make it look like it supports terror. Oh, and their "Allah" is the same god for jews and christians. Allah is just an arabic translation of the word GOD. πŸ™‚


  • double7agent

    lol sam
    u talkin lik an idiot.u sayin religion is lik a game or somthin,whenever u dont lik it,leave & tak anothr. believin in religion means belivin in a it can be possible for any religion to accept dat u disbelief in its words? and how u expect dat god will accept u belivin in fake gods & not belivin on him?use ur brain,not just dick

  • i love my religone

    can i ask you tim one thing ?
    did we insult your religone? , so thats why you are mad ?
    look allah recomanded us to not harm any other religone or people who arenot muslim so they will not hurt us . so please do not speak somthing that it will hurts us . and then we will not hurt you . i respect your religone but for exchange you must respect my religone too.
    i hope that you understand what iam talking .
    aslam alekom

  • Dr. Sarah rahim

    it's easy..because they don't understand..people don't understand..because they don't get the light from the creator…Just like teaching add math to a children 2 years old? it's crazy..but,,she is trying…hoping that she will find the true and only right way…yet,,,I still hoping that Allah will open her soft-hearted heart to convert to Islam….who knows? Only Allah knows…she is only trying…just poor to her…

    To iloveIslam: are right..
    To Matt: watch your words….He never hate you..but HE hate all those poor bad attitude,,those disgreatfull and never worshipping HIM…..comes to Islam…or,,before you want to try to understand your own religion,,try to understand yourself man! where you come? where you will go after this life? is your life is only about "this fucking-shit-ass"thing? attitude reflect all thing… because it is already stated in Holy Quran :

    Surah Mu'minun 23:52-54
    And verily! this your religion (of IslΓ’mic Monotheism) is one religion, and I am your Lord, so keep your duty to Me.But they (men) have broken their religion among them into sects, each group rejoicing in what is with it (as its belief).So leave them in their error for a time.

    and Muhammad said to those believers : Surah Baqarah 2:6
    Verily, those who disbelieve, it is the same to them whether you (O Muhammad Peace be upon him ) warn them or do not warn them, they will not believe.

    hope you can understand yourself first matt,,understand your family,,understand your religion,,then try to understand Islam….then you can shut up your mouth….think it carefully..

  • Dr. Sarah rahim

    to find the sweetnest of a religion,,you have to feel it..not to think about it… Just like pouring sugar in a taste the sugar,,don't put a cube,,put it more…(this only example)..For Sam,,you are actually out of the true way thinking of Islam…just like love,,,when you like someone,,you will put aside all bad think about her,,right?because you already fall in love with her…But ,,based on what?if you like a girl because of her body shape,,and how "hot" is her,,then u will like her..but then,,when there is no sincerity in your heart feeling,,you will dumb her…RIGHT? all based on our intentions… REGARDLESSLY,,, Allah said,,,the Jewish,, The Buddhist,, The Monk, The Hindust..any human kind or creature,,all come from baby… we all are once baby…from the sperm and the ovary…..and In the Holy Quran, Allah speaks about the stages of man's embryonic development, 1,400 years before modern day scientists 'discovered' important information on creation of man and his development: * We created man from an extract of clay. Then We made him as a drop in a place of settlement, firmly fixed. Then We made the drop into an alaqah (leech, suspended thing, and blood clot), then We made the alaqah into a mudghah (chewed-like substance)…[Noble Quran 23:12-14]

    Literally the Arabic word alaqah has 3 meanings:
    suspended thing
    blood clot

    1. "In comparing a leech to the embryo at the alaqah stage, we find similarity between the two."
    [The Developing Human p.8]
    "Also, the embryo as this stage obtains nourishment from the blood of the mother, similar to the leech which feeds on the blood of others."
    [Human Development as Described in Quran and Sunnah p.36]

    2. The second meaning of the word alaqah is 'suspended thing'. The suspension of the embryo, during the alaqah stage, in the womb of the mother very appropriately fits this description.

    3. The third meaning of the word alaqah is 'blood clot'. We find that the external appearance of the embryo and its sacs during the alaqah stage is similar to that of a blood clot. This is due to the presence of relatively large amounts of blood present in the embryo during this stage. Also during this stage the blood in the embryo does not circulate until the end of the third week. So the embryo at this stage is like a clot of blood.

    For further info,,click this link…

    And Sam,,we all Muslim don't married someone for how "hot" he/she is…or how super-model they are..a truth muslim never do that…Plus,,we don't get married with someone we don't like… we married based on peace and tranquility…

    "And among His signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in peace and tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts): Verily in that are signs for those who reflect" (Quran 30:21).

    you can click this link to know more…

  • Anonymous

    cor blimey look at the size of her feet!

  • Realward Nameson

    And Tim's the only one here who's right. He's the only one who gets it. Also, note how all the mohammedans choose to misspell and use horrible grammar. Religion of peace and knowledge indeed.

  • habace

    "Jack", a Muslim is answerable for every word that comes out of his mouth. Profanity and personal insults are haram, yes, haram, in Islam. Behave yourself.

  • Matt

    hey tim shut the hell up you little idiot

  • Anonymous

    jack, dont get angry, she will never increase or decrease islame neither all the creation and mainkinds, islam is permanentaly remains with us or without us,

    if the person converted 2 muslim he will protect him self from permanent punishment, that is the issue

  • Be Fair

    Well , have u ever tried to read about Islam and Prophet Muhammad from Islamic books other than listening from media or reading random articles ? πŸ™‚
    have u ever tried ,even by curiosity , to read a translated version of the Quraan ?
    have u ever heard that a muslim insulted Jesus Christ or Moses (peace be upon Them) ? πŸ™‚
    and if ,as u said , Muhammad was making it up , how could a man from the arabian land ever knew about past religions , past prophets , past nations , even scientific phenomenon that were proved recently?
    You are talking about self-criticism , then go back read an "Original" copy of the Bible.
    why are u keeping criticizing and insulting Islam , at the time you dont even know a single True fact about anything in Islam .
    And remember if u wanna know anything about Islam , just go to trusted sources who can speak of themselves instead of just watching ignorant media .

  • ali rafeek

    gr8 reply "islam follower" keep going right πŸ™‚

  • Ahmad Zakaria

    In reply to "proud to be muslim" you also may look further into our book, and realize that Islam is not Muhammad's religion alone.. it is Abraham's religion initially and hence all prophets descending from Abraham i.e. Moses, Jesus, etc.. are also muslim regardless of the different naming whether, Jewish, Christian, Muslim.. We all worship the same God, and if you think logically.. Why would a pious and well behaved Christian or Jew maybe doomed to hell, while a corrupt Muslim may e in heaven.. It is not for the likes of your nor I to judge that.. It is God's judgement..
    P.S. actual heaven or hell may vary from your perception.

  • paris hilton has a big willy

  • jack

    ur the biggest loser in the world idk wat u are and which bitch decided to shit u out but dont make fun of other religons cuz ur religion might be fucked up to Islam is a good religion and I am muslim I hope ur fucking mom kills ur dad with HIV and then dies herself givin u aids to and lung cancer try fuckin rest in peace than bitch.

  • Anonymous

    islam is the best religon not christian kissing an donig bad things we muslimas are the best people in the world

  • Proud to be muslim

    The Holy Quran and Hadeeth (prophetic sayings) both stress the importance of following Islam. God states:

    β€œ…The only religion in the sight of God is Islam…” (Quran 3:19)

    In another verse of the Holy Quran, God states:

    β€œIf anyone desires a religion other than Islam, never will it be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter, he will be in the ranks of those who have lost (their selves in the Hellfire).” (Quran 3:85)

  • baj

    she got rigth choose.good for her good luck with new life


    Hey! sam,,, nice shot! but sorry to say, this comment is one among the million comments of Idiot People against ISlam…. You know why?

    just find it out……

    anyway… Try to read some Islamic real books of Character and Belief but not made by Jewesh and Cristians, may be you can find the answer…


  • Sam

    It must be hell to be born a gay or lesbian into a muslim family. Imagine being forced to have sex with someone not "natural" to your personal sexual orientation. These poor souls – trapped by a primitive and barbaric doctrine that insisted on being called a religion. islam is not a religion but gives all religions a bad names. This is why athiests think all religions are bad simply because of the violence common in islam that is mistakened for religious activities. All religions will be better off without islam claiming as a religion in itself. No other religions prohibits their followers from converting into another religion except islam. This is very similar to joining the mafia or some underworld scumbags, because if you leave their organization, you'll be murdered. Paris is lucky she is in the U.S and protected from the horrible consequences of converting away from islam. If she was in a islamic country, things would not be so pretty. They'll probably cut her nose out or spoon out both her eyeballs for abandoning islam. I'm not exaggerating.

  • Tim

    your allah in the quran is very disrespectful to the jews and the christian and the same with your mohammad (piss be on him) , you are just another stupid muslim fuck !! go do your home work and study your fucking religion and then open your mouth .

  • Dave

    she is such an idiot. it is rather insulting

  • illloveIslam

    i'm a Muslim and i will never be so disrespectful about your religion,Muhammad peace be upon him taught us that by the way.before blowing up on my religion like this learn some facts about it

  • Tim

    Hey muslims let me teach you some Islamic suna !! only muslims can fuck them sell's and there family, just like mohammad did when he fucked his daughter allow (Zaynab abnit jahish) the wife of his adopted sun Zayd !! am sure you don't know this thats why i call muslims stupid fuck me mohammad is not worth the shit that come"s out of your ass..JUST DO IT – LEAVE ISLAM NOW

  • Venom Hunter

    Tim go fuck uself and u whole family,Muslims dont need a hoe like her better to stay in this relegion or in christian one,and 4 all that envy ISLAM go home and die.

  • daoud ahmady


  • Catstrangler101

    I can' t believe how upset Muslims get when someone criticises Islam, the Qu'ran or Muhammad. A little thought applied when reading the Qu'ran would make it obvious to the meanest intelligence that Muhammad was making it up as he went along. I can't believe that any god would be as petty, jealous, petulant, bloody-minded and capricious as the Allah of the Qu'ran appears to be. Islam is not fit to be called a religion, it is an intolerant violent, totalitarian cult, more like the Mafia than a religion, and Muslims would be better off out of it, if only they could indulge in a little self-criticism, self-reflection and humility.

  • Andrew Smith

    tim + paris hilton = totally stupid and anti religions..~~


    allah will protect islam from human who want to make islam fall down
    and I believe that allah always protect islam in the world . Paris hilton just play with islam . it is not problem to muslim . and allah just give hidayah to human who ready become Muslim

    allah huakbar
    la ilaha ilallah
    khaibar khaibar yahud

  • setan

    absolutely right!

  • Laila

    I believe that if you are a muslim and you have those feelings then you need to ask yourself where they came from or when did you first realize that you felt that way. I dont have much to say to people in general who choose to be gay because they dont care what i think. But if you want to practice Islam and please the creator then first start working on learning about Him and getting a closer relationship with Him because anything that concerns you or pains you or is difficult on you .. can only be alleviated by Allah. You can turn to so many people and you might end up going deeper into something you DONT want to be invlolved in . The guy asking for your number case in point.
    May Allah bless you with all tha is good in this life and the next

    your sis


  • Tim, thats was a very ignorant remark u made. i am sure you dont even respect your religion so i dnt blame u. you are equal to shaytan. may Allah (S.W.T) forgive your soul. people like you are not fit to live in the society.

  • hopper

    I feel so sorry for her. She's so unstable. She's so pathetic… so empty! 😐

  • DingDong

    Yeah of course there's nothing wrong with you. If nothing happens without the permission of God, there you are who you are because God allowed it to be.. πŸ˜€
    BTW I am gay too.. Can I have ur phone number??

  • Tim

    Good for you Paris Hilton you fucked Islam real good this time . poor stupid Muslims they don't know what to do now !!! sorry Muslims the time has changed and all the world know how fucked up Allah is , its your turn to come out and leave this cult called Islam ..

  • Aisha Islam

    yaa u r completely wrong
    u r completely out of islam
    plz dnt call yrself a muslim

  • Shane

    Guys check those 1000 dollar notes πŸ˜‰ Obama & all getting involved is rather funny, we shoul'd listen to what she said after converting to Islam, her statements were concrete, she wanted all celebrities to get away from the Kabala & all those crap, they are trapped in….She was on a mission otherwise, lets hope she isn't killed like MJ!

  • Anonymous

    She's lying she just done this soo she can get attention she's an idiot……. And (ALLAH) is one and only noyone can overpower him or say anything about him only good things not dumb stuff

  • Sounds about as pathetic as you do Dude (which in your case is NOT saying something at all ….. judging by your intelligence level ….. ROTFLMHO !!

  • Tiger

    Guys , you all taking some much time to writing back to TIM which is not worthy at all. Anyone, who insults other relagion does not respect their own relagion either. I think its useless to reply to TIM'S post. And the reason he is saying so much crap is that he is really wanna be one of you muslims.

  • Jays

    Publicity, all this chick wants is publicity. No one in the right mind would convert from religion to religion with out a second thought. She's done bad naming other actresses by being a full out skank, and now she wants to bad name region too.
    As a muslim, for the time being that i thought Paris had converted to islam, i had an immence amount of respect for her,and now, after hearing of this, (not that it is bad to convert to buddhisim or anything), it litterally felt like a slap across the face. I hope she gets her stuff together, and I hope she's through converting, not that it matters to us anyway =)

  • Free

    she is a Unstable woman…

  • Liton

    How can you say you are a Muslim ???

  • Anonymous

    U R A MAD

  • Haha ikr? Watsup with the gigantic feet. πŸ˜›

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    she sure a dumb ass….hehehehehe….
    i know she is an idiot….but i dont expect she'll go beyond the stupidity.
    she's way toooooo deep in the darkness of foolness…hehehehe…

  • Anonymous


  • what people do for attention(the website)

    Yeah, this site is pathetic like many others. This site yearns for attention and monetary gains that they are so pitiful xD

    all u gotta do is eat in moderation!


    o.o xD xD

  • ?

    Tim, we DO understand the Quran, when all Muslims are young, they learn how to read it, recite it, and write it, learn your facts before u talk, kthxbai.

  • yes u idiot! if u read out quran den u ll no tat is mention as haram having sex wid da same gender! and wat do u mean by i am a muslim and a gay aswell so anything wrong wid me! ofcourse u mite be a muslim and obey da same god as i do but dat does not means tat committing such sin is not wrong!

  • OMG

    I'm a Muslim and I'm gay.Is anything wrong with me ?

  • Marijke

    Dear Muslim brothers and sisters. Our religion is under constant scrutiny and people will make fun but lets be better than them and just ignore them!!! This kind of responses and posts are only fuelling the distorted view people have of Islam, 99,99% out of ignorance. So in stead of feeding their already corrupted minds, let just be a good example and ambassadors of our religion. And for people like Sam and his consorts: All you should really feel is pity. Let's take things lightly and get on with our lifes:)

  • FB

    Ya..whatsup with the feet…. F

  • a7b 3mry

    btw tht verse is not meant to show that allah has limitations. it just tells us that he cnt have kids nor parents, its stressing tht there is no other like him and there CAN'T be. not that he can't make it be if he wanted to, god could do anything. that verse just refers to god's divinty. just thought i'd clear that up for you. u seem confused. o and i noticed ure talkin about allah like hes a different god or something… well we actually belive in the same one god, allah is jst the way we say god. anyways i love how these comments tht were supposed to b about this paris hilton non sense turned into a full out debate about islam. come on guys at least make a comment on paris hilton. clearlyyy she needs the attention. lol

  • sad

    wow so sad to hear people talk with there no facts talking about bombs and marrying children subanallah how rude ! your words will come to hurt you one day ….. anyway 1st bomb wasnt even by a muslim so get facts right and many people in the west uk rape or fiddle with kids so dont talk about marrying children !!!!!!! wow i could say black people deal drugs or white people chop there family up and put them in the fridge but that is just one person that dont mean everyone that looks like or comes from the same background is like that GROW UP you people ould only dis our lord on this page ….. you prob work or live next to muslims and smile at them then go back to your familys says oh that muslim is ok cause there not proper GET REAL all different if you want to talk or dis us then at least know what your talking about and show your evidence wow sad sad sad

  • Anonymous

    I wud not be suprised if turning muslim would be hard for anybody, I meen, u muslims belive every non muslim would go strait to hell, who ever thinks that is pathetic end off

  • @Farid and all other muslims, this is what happens when u'r ignorant and sponnfed/brain washed! 1st of all i wish u pple would stick to preaching ur own gospel in ur mosques or wherever u go instead of wast time all ur time in preaching how christianity isn't this or that, stick to what u'r s'posed to preach, u'll never hear christians in church wasting their time bothered about muslims, why should we? our faith is what exorcises ur demons when u run to the church for help! yes! genies!! i know it coz i see so many muslims who come to our churches to be exorcised, the same religion which u say is UNBELIEVERS! i suggest u stick to ur own religion and have the decency to respet others without opening ur mouth. u know nothing! our Bible is one and the only one since time immemorial, all the others u see are versions made easy for pple to understand, translations too. if u were not brain washed, u would know this simple fact!

  • zz

    I love Paris, she is so original hahaha, thats how u get attention, and u muslim and none muslim morons shut f. up, this has nothing to do with u, its all about attention .
    Love you Paris>>>>>>>>

  • hamdia khirad

    if u dont have knowledge about our religion u shud never comment on it ok?? our religion is all about peace n humanity..this is the only religion where a women is respected the most… only if u know…in our religion GOD is gracious forgiving the master of this universe…Hez the one giving u power to move ur every inch…HE is the one giving u all the bounties ur availing in this life…HEZ the one giving u all the happiness u ddint evn asked for…n here ur insulting a religion for whch u have got no knowledge.IM a muslim n my religion teaches me to be polite n spread our message in a well mannered n decent way.. n my religion teaches me not to insult any other religion…but ya we cant hear a word about ALLAH OUR GOD….n ths u shud clearly understand..ok?? n bfr u get hyped up abt all wot i rote..try searching over our religion n understanding its beauty…n thn if u get any kind of objection u may rite.. but ur words shud be decent if its mentioned in the religion ur following….!

  • Fred

    – 112.003 He begetteth not, nor is He begotten ==== Islam allah is limited– allah CANNOT BE GOD —
    this proves allah cannot do it.
    Muslam are sadly misled by a manual for tribal leaders to keep
    them in their exaulted positions.

  • Stephen Phillips

    She's wearing tights

  • Anonymous

    Ya whats up with her feet????? no wonder her shoes costs $8,000 those are not human

  • hy all of you;
    first of all we have a word as muslum in quran sayed by allah : and if the ignorant speaks to them they '( believers) say: peace ;peace.
    but about paris hilton ; i say too all and precisely who fears about islam ; that converting paris hilton to Islam; which I doubt that this news is true ; that didn't add to islam any thing and I didn't like it you know why because islam isn't a fun or game it a mode of life

  • Bas Koning

    The punishment for leaving islam is death

  • walid

    Dear friends to support Egypt's nomination and youth for the Nobel Prize for peace after the events of the revolution January 25 Please join the Library on facebook, the link is Page 2011/129874707080678 addressed to all the world and in many languages and aims to rally support internal and external the largest number of members

  • Ehab

    for me simply the way you are talking dos show how you are uneducated, at least try to get some education before talking about Islam or Christianity or Judaism.
    Have some courtesy for general knowledge. Did you read the holy Quran ? you are like a parrot repeating with no brains. Again go educate your self then talk from knowledge that you gain your self to seek the truth. Not a parrot with no brains or a sheep that fallows any one or any thing.


  • farid

    Ve, look I am 100% sure your politician have a hand on it as well if some attacks happens while you celebrate your Christmas in the churches. They want to have a justification for their deadly attacks in Afghanistan and Iraq. I am sure most of the westerners (local people) are not satisfied from being their country soldiers here in Iraq and Afghanistan and they plan such a attacks to convince their people that it is a right decision to attack on those countries otherwise I make you sure that Islam is against of killing, and Muslims are the real supporters of peace and love to live in peaceful environment. If you want to judge about religions first of all read the holly books of that religion afterward judge about the religions. There are lots of propaganda about Muslims in western Medias shows a wrong picture about Islam and Muslims but in reality things are happening under the name of Muslims and Islam are against Islamic principle. For further and reliable confirmation please refer to an English translated version of Holly Quran the speech of holly Allah. SWT.

  • may

    are her feet really human feet?

  • Ernest Bost

    The Quaran is the word of God ,If God is really Satan. Such an evil book has never been matched. Islam is the worlds greatest tragedy, because it has brought death and destruction to the world for 1400 years.The God of the Quaran is one of Hate rather than love. A God of lies rather than truth.The God of the Quaran is one of death rather than life. Only a real fool can not see Islam for what it really is.

  • Zeyad alharthi

    craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap this is not right !!

  • Asif Youcare

    These comments have made my day. Much funnier than the article. If drawing them was was your intention, Bravo!

  • K M Al Hinai

    You sir are nothing but a perverted scab of an animal that does not know anything about Islam nor Christianity I am afraid. Are you trully christian? Then how come you do not follow the teachings of the Prophet Jesus ( Issah to Muslims) who prophesised the coming of the last and final prophet of God ( Allah to Muslims) who is non other than Prophet Mohammad pbuh. Be peaceful and a decent humanbeing and stop hurting people with your dirty and uncouth tirade!

  • Anonymous

    Man I thought she was stupid now My thoughts were true she is the dumbest blond on the planet!

  • Christian and not afraid

    okay, first of all, it is sad that she has to do something like this to get any attention. It's quite obvious that she really doesn't understand the purpose of being affiliated with a particular religious group. You don't convert from one religion to another on a whim. I don't know about muslims or buddhists, but I can tell you one thing…..I know that Jesus Christ lived on earth to be like man and while He was here, He showed us what love was about. His only mission was to do what His Father told Him to do….and He NEVER hurt anyone nor did He tell His followers to hurt anyone. Being a Christian has nothing to do with being religious, but everything to do with letting the Holy Spirit lead you daily. Paris Hilton is lost spiritually, but there is time….she is still alive….hopefully she will go down the path of someone who can introduce her to the real King of Kings, the real Lord of Lords, and she will hopefully accept Him into her heart.

  • Roach

    Carry on with the arguments now!

  • Ve

    Farid, for me islam is not a religion,its more like a crime organization that kill people (terorism), marry children, burn temples n churches like you guys did in indonesia n other asian countries. it is not comfort for us,everytime we celebrate christmas at church with so many polices outside, to protect us from stupid muslims attack. its not fair!

  • Dear Muslim brothers see how stupid is this person. He is really ignorant and aggressive. Muslims are not terrorist Islam have put the highest punishment for murders. Look you westerns are killing dozens of people every day in Iraq and Afghanistan. We Muslims have not attacked on any non muslin living countries. It doesn’t matter what is your language in this world if you are Muslim Arabic will fully flow in your language in the other world. I challenge you if you can write half sentence of holly Quran by your hart. It is a miracle there is no changes in it in the last 1400 years. Look how many different versions of bible do you have? It proofs the abolishment of your bible and religion. Do not look to Islam in aggressive way I advice you to read some paragraphs of holly Quran after wards judge about Islam and Muslims. Do not listen to the speech of your evil popes. It is not your mistake you do not know anything about Islam and Muslims you have heart about Islam from your evil politicians and popes.

  • oday

    Dear Muslims , PLZ ignore those guys , they know nothing about ISLAM , for many rezones …
    first it's not there fault ,because of there lake of information about Islam & Muslims.
    then we don't want to take some "THONOB" when we curse some one like those.
    for there information , we were not happy at all for here converting , BUT we believe every one has the right to chose his/here religion , and we believe that GOD always FORGIVING and Mercifulness to all when they hold the right path ..

  • Tim

    Frankie thank you , you just prove to us all that Muslims are real stupid fuck . ask me how and I tell you ..
    1- who will be the judge in Allah's challenge ? Muslims or non Muslims ? go ask you terrorist imam

    2-since the Koran is written in Arabic !! why in the hell Allah make such challenge when 80% of the stupid Muslims don't speak Arabic and 65% of the Arab cant read or write , and if any one take the challenge he or she will be killed by Allah servants !!!!

    3- I challenge Allah and his idiots if they can write one sentence like Shakespeare's and i give you 14,000.00 years to do it . Allah's challenge is non sense and stupid . DAM ALLAH .

  • Frankly, She is so so soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo UGLY

  • amy

    what an ignorant reply..haven't you seen how aggressive and full of malice your quote is? I feel sorry for you. And for your information I am a muslim and I wasn't happy about the news of Paris converting to Islam, I even didn't believe it. However, she is free to do whatever she wants. The lady is distrubed and still trying to find her path.

  • hariry

    Paris was not the fist or last one convert to/from Islam or to other believes, everyhuman has the right to choose his way and she/he will find his results by the end. We have to accept and respect others' thoughts if we aim to be respected as well, that we Islam said.

  • frankie

    To all you non-muslims out there who feel attacked a religion of peace … what do you follow to breed so much hatred ? – what are you scared off the truth ?

    A challenge was put down buy Allah Swt, replicate just 1 sentence in the Quran as we belive to be actual word of god .. so how comes 1400 years later this challenge has not been met !!!! ….

    I will renounce Islam so will other 2 billion + plus if this can be done … Such a simply challenge !!!!

    no arguments or other point need to be discussed

    just prove the quran is not the word of god by replicate only 1 sentence — shouldnt be hard if you belive its written by man in desert with his gang — Rise to challenge it sooo simple !!!!

  • mado

    your reply confirm to me the very big difference between muslims and others… thanks god that i am a muslim

  • Iggy

    I actually was not surprised she became a muslim. Islam is a cult of a brainless maniacs, and since Paris Hilton is definitely of a brainless variety, Islam is where she belongs. All she needs now is a bag over her head, and some smelly, bearded cab driver to put her in her place with a cane. Allah FUBAR!!

  • abdullah nizamani

    Please don't say anything derogatory about any religion. Islam is the religion which teachs us about peace, tranquility, harmony, brotherhood and tolerance. It says " LAKUM DENU KUM WAL YADIN" meaning "your religion is with you and our with us". So please be patient and don't utter anything which is prejudicial to any religion. Decision of Ms Hilton is purely of her own and she has the right to chose what she likes. Islam does not force anyone to embrass Islam it emphasises on tolerance and free will.

  • Anonymous

    Muslims are stupid fuck, they were so fucking happy when they heard about her converting , but look now they curse her hate her and kill her if they can !! to all ignorant Muslims I say , most of the world know what Islam is, so do not try to foll any one saying words like allah for give her , the right path , and all the Islamic crab that u Muslims use to hide that Islam is a cult and criminal organization founded by the pervert Mohammad and his gangsters using religion as cover up , dam you

  • nidal

    to Tim, you dirty shit twat rag dont talk from your assholl when the topic is about religion. stupid gay whore!!

  • Yehia Mohamed Zekry

    no she didn't just get it
    she used to dress in fashion daily
    plus she never used to someone look to her like a person but an object
    she likes to be seen by all the eyes so guys and lesboz call her hot
    she didn't get that when she become old no one will look to her
    she didn't get when she die no one will care about her
    all people just tryin to forget about death like it will never come
    death knows no age nor time
    please ask yourself if Islam is hard and not right…
    why some religious people converts to Islam
    why there is always people in the mosques especially Friday (El Jom3a)

  • Anonymous

    mate, we've taken so much shit from the west. So u, fuck ass, when we hear news like this, it gives a sign that maybe the west has strtd 2 embrace islam or learn 2 live with it. I agree that Hilton is stupid cos she said 'islam is a must-have religion' like its a fashion item but mate we're not stupid we were just hopeful and then got kicked on. So nxt time when u chat shit use your common sense if u have any. Thanks 4 listening, u may now go back 2 the craphole that is ur life.

  • moody

    You have no right to say that about islam. You only look at our religion from the outside and attack it. Ur a massive twat.

  • Lubna shakoh

    I think she has made a mistake ,of leaving Islam, Its the best religion in the World.She couldnt get what it is , Islam is just Faboulous and enchanting. There is so much to look forward after this world just because of this magnificence of it.

  • Anonymous

    agha person can only imagine how u wer brought up if such crap can come out of ur mouth. if u have nothing better to say u should rather shut ur filthy mouth. SIES!!!

  • Ameera

    OMG she have MANS FEET!

  • Anmar

    I really cheer up my hands and bow for you ,,, thank you for this lovely words !!

  • hate_tim


  • Anonymous

    Although I do agree that it is required by Quran in the surah's mentions to cover (not niqab though – otherwise we would have had to do that in Hijj and we dont). But at the same time in the Quran God says "la iquraha fil deen" translation of meaning "no obligation in way of life or religion" so everyone to his/her own – no one can judge anyone – only God will. If we are true muslims we do not slam each other or use call each other bad words when we dont agree with each other – we are ordered in the Quran by God not to call each other bad word " wala tanabazu bil alquab" – so please before anyone critiques anyone else – try to be kind in choosing your words, advise – after all that is what God asks to do if we are true muslims and understand our Quran properly and follow our most kind prophet Mohamed peace be upon him. salamu alukum

  • Minhaz Hossain

    i agree with Poops that it's shameful and unnecessary to cry about brainless women…

  • Arabian but not stupid

    this is the funniest thing I've ever heared….really I can't stop laughing…. LOOOOOOOL

  • Mandy

    Allah is god u fucking idiot, don't u have 1

  • MoHamHead

    No wonder muslims got happy and danced like chimps at the news of her conversion because they are simply attention whores and pervert like their arabic allah who demands all these sand goons to raise their asses 5 times a day.

  • Anonymous

    She convert to satan religion. All muslim shld make Fatwa on Paris for shaming Islam.

    Paris u shame Islam when u join buddha. U shame the only true religion in the world the universal religion.

  • May God for give you for these insulating to the prophet Mohammed to all muslim people, Just 1 thing to say to you without insulating you or your religion if you got one, you don't know anything about islam or muslims , so try to read true books which will tell you what is islam. Thanks and may god forgive you for your words

  • James

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. Tim yoou are an idiot. Btw, it's fool, not foll. Why would muslims be happy to have a skank, whorish, trash like her accepting the religion. Get your head out of your a*se Tim. It's bigots like u who r the roots to all the turmoil. Don't open your mouth and prove yourself to be more of a dick than you already are.

  • Tim

    O muzlims please stop crying , she will be back to izlam after giving all kafers a nice
    ( B.B.B.J COME IN MOUTH ) so tell then go and lubricate your buts and get ready to bend over
    for Allah . .

  • i'm proud because i'm muslim

    Mr. Tim : I want to tell you something …. Fuck U OK!!

  • nana

    you're really really stupid

  • Poops

    Stupid arabic people .. it's shameful and unnecessary to cry about brainless women… I for my part was shocked about the point someone like her being a muslim… now.. just laugh about it pleassee… She didn't target islamic people directly, that's just who she is… dumb person.. no one ever complains about this.. no catolics nor buddhists … just you stupid muslims -. –

  • Anonymous

    do you think you guy that u'll affect islam with anything or do u think that islam needs anyone to join you ignorant you know nothing about islam if know u wont say this, i wont insult and also can't pray for you to Allah for give you cuz if really saw you i'll kill u and i can cuz somone like u mentioned the most wonderfull man in the world with those words must not live even one second

  • Amina

    Who are you to say if veil is a must or not? wel I will surprise by telling you that it is not, no veil, no niqab, no nothing on the hair. the only mut is to wear respectfully. don't spread lies and obscurantism everywhere! and try to have a more enlightened knowledge of Islam.

  • noor

    lol,now u seem to be dumb enough…it is a must for a muslim girl to cove her head..check Sura e noor n Ahzab in Quran for reference:)

  • Damn you fucki' tim ,, you're just a fuckin' person ,, you'll be punished oneday ,, don't be that much proud of yourself fickin' silly ,, omg i wish i can cut your cursed head down ,, go 2 HELL !!! you're a fuckin' shit !!!!!! TIM => T. The \ I. Idiot \ M. Man ,,, hahahahahahaaaaa !! fuckin' tim ,, !! you're crying ,,, mmmm ,, fuck you ,, silly child ,, byebye πŸ™‚

  • shut up tim some muslims are good but few are bad understand !!!! stupid !!! and fuck you

  • hamza

    I think she is very upset this time. So many Muslim brothers from Arab called her but none wants to marry her….so sad. Why can not our Muslim brother from Arab propose her, even second wife will be alright. They have loads of money to keep this girl happy.

    Some Muslim brother should come forward. Don't let her be Budhist because of her past, otherwise some Chinese guy will take her away from Muslim.

  • jared

    Its not required dumbass, you can choose to wear it or depending on where u live you'll have to, but its a personal choice, it says no where that you HAVE to wear it, so why dont you check?

  • eric

    Wow! Look at the size of her feet.

  • Tim

    Muslims are stupid fuck, they were so fucking happy when they heard about her converting , but look now they curse her hate her and kill her if they can !! to all ignorant Muslims I say , most of the world know what Islam is, so do not try to foll any one saying words like allah for give her , the right path , and all the Islamic crab that u Muslims use to hide that Islam is a cult and criminal organization founded by the pervert Mohammad and his gangsters using religion as cover up , dam you and dam Allah . OK

  • ziyad

    r u kidding me… hijab is must in islam for sure infact naqab covering of full face is must .. r u out of ur mind or r u acting lyka fake muslim … go get islamic education and then post comments lyk dis ,,,
    May Allah Guide You …

  • Dania Khayyat

    i am muslim and i dont wear hijab, i try to pray but i dont some times, and i feel sorry for it!
    but one of the most important values in islam is to feel allah (GOD) is protecting you, plus islam teaches you to help, respect, and be kind to everyone!
    it also have a spiritual meaning in so many ways!
    covering the head is not a must in islam! but it is a must to appreciate your soul self and body, do not reveal it, do not have any relations out side marriage, respect everyones religion and help people!

  • well , this may by some stranger words for you to hear , but it is really coming from my heart to Paris and who else like her , My sister know one thing , your converting to the Islam doesn't change anything to the Muslim , you are only one person , Muslims are billions , your also converting back again to other religion doesn't also affect the Islam , you are the only one who lose in this action , you may think that Islam is boring because you need to pray five times per day and fast one complete month and cover your body and head , this is the first impression which may come to your mind , especially the people who are around you , who benefits your being bad girl , but remember that as much as you will live , one day you will die and turn back to your God alone , none of those people will defend you none of them will prevent you from the punishment of God , so think again and again , see what will be your reply when God asks you how did you spent your life, and what did you present for me to put you in my paradise
    God Guard and guide you my sister

  • rana

    hi brother, just want to reminde you that we are muslimes we never insult mariam or Eisa, and we believe in them too. dont do a double mistake.

  • jolenar

    that's clear she wants attention .

  • rabbit

    what can you expect from a brainless pervert…?

  • Lololo

    She just wants attention. So obvious…

  • Wail

    Whats on her mind? What is she playing at? Converting on her whims..

  • Ash

    I think you mistaken, it was Jesus who married his sister or i forgot , must have been something about Mary

  • sigh

    al-Hujurat 49:6 "O ye who believe! If a wicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest ye harm people unwittingly, and afterwards become full of repentance for what ye have done."

  • its just

  • MAP

    You are very disrespectful ! you'll regret this one day !
    you're full of shit ! Get a life instead of insulting who created you !
    After all , nothing you say could harm God the Almighty nor lower him !

  • so what if some one play, i feel it's a play Allah doing with them . That is to much better for someone when they justify everything about Islam and leave it. she has done better for herself as for good result . And she must see what she did after her time …..carry on Paris Hilton, carry on . Time is your, Allah's time has not reached

  • May Allah forgive her. Now i guess, actually who is playing this game, media? or Patis Hilton? Allah knows best. As i'm not sure about the news, i dont wanna make any comment on Paris Hilton.

  • Un-Identified

    OMG! she was a muslim and shes a buddhist
    religons are not here to play with she should make up her mind!

  • Missu.

    What the F**K man. Ive read a news about she already converted to Islam just now, Hey u Girl! Don't ever playing fool about Islam. If you dont want to converted to Islam. Just say it. ! S****P.

  • javeed

    wat the fucking news is this …. i saw she converted to islam but if she is playing like this wit islam [the universal ] then really i feel she is doing the biggest sin in this world

  • fucking jewish

    you are a breed pigs and dogs, who is a prostitute, on the sidelines of the devil to give a child into prostitution, that is you ….

  • I agree with Alam. People who new in knowing every relegion cannot understand deep. For sincere step, u should praise to God to giide n show u which is d truth. God will guide u…..

  • Southern

    Isn't Allah that gay guy who just married Mohammed in a star studded Jewish wedding last week in Monte Carlo with a pork buffet and a howling dog quartet???

  • Nothing i will say about paris hilton but one thing i would like to say that Paris should keep a very sincere intention by saying in her heart that O GOD guide me towards the direction for the supreme triumph of this world as well as hereafter.

  • Season Luffy

    U Are fu cking

    G o To H ell

  • westlifesoledad

    Waiting for the end. She's in a panic which path to choose.

  • We should not say anything about her. Every people choose her future. She choose her too. Allah dont want to convert anyone and worship. If anyone want, that they did for their own, not for Allah. If i or you dont like Allah's way then million of people are still in world who are searching for truth. May be allah choose them. So Hilary choose her , nothing to be worried here.

  • MM

    U all believe she converted then your all idiots

    unfortunately its all a publicity stunt for attension and to see the reaction of you wollys

    its in her blood she cant change who she is. if it a true figure of 12000 people she slept with then you think there is hope haha everyone on the previous article were saying mashallah praising her and the sad thing you follw this mickey mouse website

  • sardor

    may she be cursed with eternal curse!

  • May Allah guide her onto the right path

  • shahir

    I hate her now she makes mockery of us moslims . If you read this Tahirah is ur real name not paris hilton. U will comeback to ur true spirit Allah will give guidance to u. Islam 4 life not just a joke.

  • Anonymous

    hahahaha she takes it as a joke !

  • Didie

    You think converting religion is just like changing clothes?? You hurt Muslims out there!! I hope Allah give hidayah to you.. Poor Paris =(

  • Nimr

    this da hoax? she now a muslim not budhist. I check news an no other tell it? Paris u must come back to Islam u can not leave like this?

  • Marvyn

    lost case

  • jill

    what's up with her feet in that picture?

  • emin

    Tahirah wot are u doing????? SHAME ON U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • angel

    it's like a fu**ing crazy news. hahaha
    very funny!!!

  • Kevin