Lindsay Lohan Joins Paris Hilton in Islam

LOS ANGELES - USA - Lindsay Lohan has embraced the Islamic religion and was photographed carrying a copy of the Koran, on Wednesday

The previously troubled Hollywood starlet, Lindsay Lohan has found solace in Islam much like former socialite Paris Hilton did in 2011.

“I found a profound peace in the Muslim religion because it offers calmness and discipline to the chaos and profound evil of Hollywood. I have sinned, but I found the light of Islam gave me true universal understanding and dignity,” Lohan told reporters outside her home on Tuesday.

Islamic writings and scriptures are travelling through Hollywood-land like wildfire, and many celebrities are converting to a religion which is misunderstood and maligned by the Western mainstream media.

“The Koran is a very powerful book, it invokes elements of universality that other books do not. There is no false idol worship. It is a way of life, and people are dying for it in the Middle East today. You can bomb those people all you want, but you cannot bomb a belief system that is so all-encompassing that it is indestructible. What they are fighting for in the Middle East now is their right to exist as Muslims and they are fighting against what they perceive as the evil that is trying to pollute the world,” one of Lohan’s friends told CBS.