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My Son Hunter – New Film Exposes US Election 2020

WASHINGTON DC - USA - My Son Hunter is a new film released by conservative-leaning company Breitbart.


Remember the US ELECTION in 2020? Remember the Ashley Biden diary, which revealed how her dad used to have explicit showers with her when she was a child? Remember the Hunter Biden videos showing him smoking crack and having sex with prostitutes? Well, none of that happened because there was a massive cover-up by the press. It was ghosted/erased/deleted/vapourised from all news desks. The details and news was all covered-up by the social-media sites.

As a result, Joe Biden ‘won’ the election. Amongst all the dead voters who voted Democrat, and the ‘alleged’ mass election fraud that took place…nothing could stop Joe Biden winning the US election. It was written in stone a year before the event, and the vast planning as well as logistics along with gargantuan amounts of money put into the effort of skewing the election, finally paid off.

So, Joe Biden won? Life is great, huh? It all worked out for the better. Sure it did. We are now dealing with an impending global depression, war, hyperinflation, increased poverty for all and a Biden administration who are completely clueless deluded denizens of absolute destruction. Americans who instated Biden into his position of power will regret that fateful decision when circumstances become a lot worse in the future. This is just the beginning.

Would anything be different right now if eternal ‘bad guy’ Trump had won the election in 2022? That doesn’t matter folks, what matters is that the election was skewed because the Hunter Biden stuff was ghosted. That is a form of manipulation, it is a form of electioneering, and it means that in the internet era…democracy does not exist. Search engine results can favour certain news organisations to others, and social media companies can ban or shadow-ban any form of political opposition to their own biased political beliefs.

There is no way any democracy can survive if, through media/internet manipulation and ghosting, the voice of others who relay the truth are silenced? The Democrats will continue doing this over and over again, because it is now a winning formula to skew elections in their favour. They control the main components of the media, and can silence anything or elevate anything they want to adjust public opinion. What will be the point of successive future elections in the future when only one political party has the omnipotent voice?

Yes, it has taken years to achieve this level of control, but it works now more than ever. We are now living in a scary era where democracy is being supplanted by totalitarianism…and it will get a lot worse if these evil, manipulative thieves are allowed to get away with it.

My Son Hunter — it’s low budget, tongue-in-cheek, cheesy, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Watch it for fun, even though the underlying truth of the film is a vicious tale of how the West embraced totalitarianism over democracy in the end.

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