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China and Russia Betting On Weak Biden and Loser Sunak

THE INTERNET - China and its counterpart Russia are actively exploiting the major weakness exuded from a weak Biden, and timid Sunak.

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Farted out of the heaving anus of the internet, we present to you a communiqué from some obscure anonymous group who could be absolutely anyone or no one, or even some secretive dark agency working only from the shimmering shadows of inequity.

“Movement in war can come at breakneck speed, or it can be slow and easy — the long game. Never has Russia and China had it so easy with a weak USA led by a corpse who is more concerned with demoralising and dividing his own country than being a patriot. The same goes for the UK, here is a guy supposedly leading the country as an unelected shoe-in with no mandate to rule, Rishi Sunak is a slow moving target with no understanding of military matters or what is to come. The enemy is blessed to have such a bunch of low-level pieces of detritus supposedly leading the ‘free world’. Yes, the West is now about as free as Rykers Island, and the disgusting protected scumbag who armed the Taliban up to the hilt in Afghanistan with America’s best weaponry thinks he has a chance for a second term. Sure, go ahead Joe, you are the gift that keeps on giving, or should that be ‘tripping’? The time for action is nearing every day, and the West’s enemies feed on this weakness, it empowers them because it means the long game they have been playing all this time has finally worked. American society has been completely demoralised to a point that if you were to show one of these brainwashed woke operators a picture of some snow, and you told them it was actually white in colour, their programming over generations is so strong in wokism that they would argue with you forever that it was black. This is the level of programming that operatives trained in demoralisation have been conducting now in the USA for decades now. The woke have been ideologically subverted and are completely blind to their fate, especially as they have been disarmed and are ripe for the picking by America’s enemies, who wait intently for the final push. The Russian and Chinese propagandists working in the West for decades have completed their mission with flying colours. Add in some major de-dollarisation from a multitude of nations sick of the USA, a country that makes up 5% of the global population yet uses up 60% of earth’s resources, and there is certainly a deadly smell in the air at the the moment. The uptick in Chinese balloon surveillance over the US and Russian trawlers off the coast of Britain are small signs of finalisation, as are the final countdown emergency broadcast tests in the UK.”


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  1. I heard that Biden has an electric shock gadget sewed into his pocket to keep him awake. It’s perfectly plausible.

    • I’ve heard he has an 8inch dildo shoved permanently up his arse which gives off an electric shock to keep him awake

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