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Labour Preparing to Win Election – What Can We Expect?

LONDON - England - It is now a certainty that Labour will win the next election and the Tories will lose horribly.

The current Tory Party makeup is a gift that keeps giving to the Labour Party. Some people have seen their mortgage payments rise by over 90% in the last few months, as despair and tragedy fall over millions of Britons struggling for even basic needs. When a loaf of bread in some shops in London are priced at over £6, and it costs £450 to fill up your car, there is not much hope, especially when your mortgage costs have increased by over £5,000 per month.

The oblivious Tories have somehow gone weirdly socialist by putting up tax on absolutely everything, and heavy taxation is usually the territory of the Labour Party. With some kind of weird switch, the Labour Party are now talking about lowering taxes. What the fuck is going on here?

When it comes to charisma and leadership, Rishi Sunak has as much chutzpah as an old leather sole. His Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt is basically a cunt. There is no other way of describing this Scrooge who has brought on so much pain onto ordinary Britons. The remainer entrenched Bank of England is also a faeces ridden den of uselessness and complete idiotic incompetence. The BoE chief has probably never read a book, let alone read one on economics. With all of these nasty variables mixing around in a festering soup of shit, things are getting worse daily, and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

socialist utopia hyperinflation

We all know what will happen when Labour gets in, things will suddenly lighten up as Comrade Starmer and his crew of miscreants pull the wool over people’s eyes. Yay, everything is okay now the Tories are gone, but in all certainty it will all be a pack of lies. Britain will be on a sure-fire race to the bottom of the barrel as Labour brings out the old socialist cheque book of free money. Look what happened when socialist Chancellor Sunak brought out the cheque book during the farcical Pandemic. This country is now so bankrupt it will soon be asking the taxpayer to empty their already bank accounts to help the ruined state’s coffers. Could be a bail-in, or some other scheme so that the robber barons can keep their duck houses. The Great Reset and Net Zero or some other tinpot socialist project which will collectivise all wealth and redistribute equally in misery for all. If only Britain still had its gold reserves, which were unceremoniously sold off at the bottom of the market for a pittance by Labour’s Gordon Brown when he was Chancellor.

Naturally, Labour winning the election will be the final death knell for a Brexit that never actually happened. It will also mean that useless socialist projects will become even more pronounced as taxpayers see their money spent on things like funding transexual lesbian amputee ballet dancers from Zimbabwe and giving council house scrotes free safari trips to ensure they will continue offending and dealing drugs. We will also see another explosion in a Stasi surveillance state, much the same when Bliar came to power.

Now, there is little difference between the Tory Party and the Labour Party. They are both populated solely by socialist remainers intent on burying Britain under more debt, inflation and interest rate rises. The Tories let in more migrants than Labour ever hoped to, and the armed forces have pitiful funding, having been reduced over subsequent years to a pitiful force not fit to fight for more than three days at tops.

What can you expect when you can’t even differentiate between the two main political parties? The key of course is that people should vote with their feet, and not vote at the polls. If millions of Britons stayed at home on election day, and there was absolutely no result for any party, this would possibly send a message to the morons in charge, but they are so deluded and out of touch, they probably would not even realise what had happened.

The Tories have lost the vote already, and there is absolutely no point in even campaigning. All of this nonsense is just an exercise in nihilism and the worst part of it is that the Tories are completely blind to how their actions and ill-fated, ill planned policies have caused their own downfall. Conversely, maybe they are all suicidal and have planned this out as a clever ruse to lose the election. Whatever it is, we are all fucked because of these deluded shysters and their unmerited arrogance.

Nulli sunt caeciores videre nolentibus…

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