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Councils Will Seize Homes After Owners Die Under Radical Plans Endorsed by the Labour Party this Week

BRIGHTON - England - The Labour party conference is proposing some radical changes to property ownership in the United Kingdom.

Properties will no longer have the right of inheritance to family members after the owners pass on, the militant hard-left arm of the Labour party, Momentum have revealed.

Instead, councils will have full rights over all properties after the owners die off, and they will not be allowed to pass on inheritance to their loved ones.

“We believe it is the state that should relinquish ownership of property, including all assets,” a Momentum member revealed on Sunday.

Momentum, the pro-Corbyn campaign group, will on Sunday throw its weight behind proposals to hand local authorities wide-reaching compulsory purchase order powers to take ownership of all homes in Britain.

The proposals have been submitted to the party’s annual conference in a joint push with the the youth organisation Young Labour in a bid to make it official policy.

The plans are believed to be backed by staunch Marxist, John McDonnell, who in 2017 advocated passing emergency legislation to requisition properties in south-West London to rehouse victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.

Once the properties are seized, local councils will rent them out or allow poorer families to live in them for free.

This Collectivization push would be part of a Labour 5-year-plan to abolish all private property ownership in the United Kingdom, and to adopt a more Soviet European model where ownership of property is minimal.

Furthermore, all loop-holes to avoid losing properties attempted by previous owners will be closed.

“You will not be able to hand ownership to your family members before you die or any other trickery. These loop holes will all be shut down, and the properties will all be seized by the state in any circumstance. Our aim is to abolish private property ownership within a generation,” Momentum announced.

The Labour Party’s shadow housing minister, John Healey fully endorsed the plans.

Jeremy Corbyn has already called for a nationwide system of renting, with Labour planning to cede more seizure powers to local authorities.

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, has also called for an overhaul of tenancy laws in a bid to impose rent controls across the capital by abolishing all landlords and private property ownership.

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