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Starmer Courting Goldman Sachs and EU at Davos

DAVOS - Switzerland - Labour leader Keir Starmer and shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves are attending the WEF.

Clues to who will be instated as a government are always clear to see by watching who attends the World Economic Forum at Davos. Labour leader, Keir Starmer, is at Davos this year with his minions courting the likes of Goldman Sachs and assuring EU autocrats that Labour will work closely with the soviet collectivist bloc to repair relations and to garner a closer working relationship after he wins the election in 2024.

Undoing all the work of Brexit will thus be a subject on the agenda, and it is ultimately a sign that once Labour gains power, Brexit in name only will be the way policy will go.

The current Tory government under unelected technocrat Rishi Sunak, and high tax Jeremy Hunt, is trailing in the polls by nearly 30 points to Labour. Many Brexiteers have left the Tories and are now looking for other avenues and parties. Britain is currently mired by daily strikes by NHS staff, rail workers, postal workers and even civil servants, teachers. High inflation is making life a misery for working people, and high interest rates are killing the economy as well as causing immense pain to homeowners with mortgage payments.

Keir Starmer along with the Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves are promoting Labour’s green prosperity plan to decarbonise the economy, boost energy security and ensure Britain leads in future green industries. They are also predominantly assuring the EU that the Labour government will be working closely together to restore full economic relations.

Many voters have already made their minds up as to who they will vote for in 2024, and in most cases it certainly will not be the Tory government, who have reneged on pretty much every election promise they made.

Today, Britain is a dark place where you cannot buy a loaf of bread without taking out a bank loan. Council tax, road tax, income tax, business tax, fuel tax, value added tax, there are literally taxes upon taxes that inhibit business and aspiration. There is little or no point in working in an environment where the majority of your income is taken away by taxation and the high cost of bills.

Keir Starmer attending Davos says a lot about who will be running the country after 2024.

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