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False Claims in £9 Million Taxpayer Funded Gov Leaflet Uncovered

LONDON - England - Vote Leave has published its analysis of the false and misleading claims made in the Government's recently announced £9 million propaganda campaign.

Panama Wikileak: At Least Now We Know Where Some of the...

PANAMA - A massive leak of 11.5 million tax documents has exposed the secret offshore dealings of companies and individuals from Cyprus and Greece.

Cameron Cracking Down on Offshore Tax Havens

LONDON - England - David Cameron has promised to crack down on offshore tax havens where the rich hide their money from tax authorities

BREAKING: Celebrity Cook Jamie Oliver Electrocuted

LONDON - England - Celebrity mockney cook, Jamie Oliver has been electrocuted. The news of his passing was greeted favourably by the general public.

EU to Ban Linking to Other Sites Citing Copyright Protection

STRASBOURG - European Union - The EU is preparing a formal taxation of the hyperlink, the basic building block of the Internet as we know it. All news aggregrators, search engines and news portals will have to pay media companies for promoting their freely accessible articles.

BBC to do a HIGNFY on Top Gear

SALFORD - England - Looks like Jeremy Clarkson is to be Angus Deaytoned, as is the customary response from the BBC towards anyone who either gets too big for their boots or gets tripped up somehow by some unsavoury internal political sting.

Americans Tried to Escape Taxes But Now Swimming in Them

BOSTON - USA - America was created as a place which was away from the punitive taxes of England, but now it is catching up to what it originally tried to escape from.

Government Running Out of Things to Tax

LONDON - England - The British government is rapidly running out of things to tax and could even exhaust their taxation options by this summer, worried officials have revealed.

Starbucks and Amazon to Pay UK Taxes into Offshore Havens

GEORGE TOWN - Cayman Islands - After making billions of pounds profit in Britain and paying just 0.1% U.K. tax, U.S. companies have agreed to pay U.K. tax at the regular business rate.

Jimmy Carr Attempts Asylum at Guatemala Embassy

LONDON - England - After being caught out as a celebrity who only pays 1% tax on his £4.7 million fortune, celebrity TV presenter, Jimmy Carr, has attempted to gain political asylum at the Guatemalan embassy.

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