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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Socialist Tory Government Levelling Up Council Tax, Income Tax, Corporation Tax

LONDON - England - If you love tax and taxes, you're in for a wonderful future of dystopian death by taxation via the socialist Tory Party.

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As people are now preparing themselves for a Labour government, the socialist Tory party are moving more far-left by the day. The two opposition parties are almost indistinguishable from themselves, and the high tax policies of the newly unelected Tories mirrors the Labour Party.

Silly bampot Michael Gove and his pathetic levelling up drive seems to have also been adopted by the miserly Chancellor by levelling up on the cost of living for the ordinary citizens of this once fair country.

“We are levelling up the council tax, income tax, BBC tax, Road tax, fuel tax, Green tax and corporation tax so that businesses can no longer function and ordinary people are priced out of life itself. If you voted Tory in the past, we can assure you, you will never vote Tory ever again, you silly fucking mugs,” Chancellor of the Excrutiator, Jeremy *unt said on Tuesday from the Treasury.

Here’s to levelling up where the poor people get even poorer and the supposed rich people lose a reasonable amount, as for the Middle class bourgeoisie, they have moved down several notches and are now festering amongst the working poor — a bastard situation if there ever was one. If you are unfortunate enough to still be living in London under the menacing, malicious parasite Mayor Sadiq Khan, then you will have an additional ULEZ tax to look forward to soon. Enjoy, as you are forced to fork out £15 a day just to drive to your local shops and back, or go to the hospital, or whatever you fucking have to do.

Here’s to the election in 2024, where Labour is assured a sure-fire win. Brexit will be removed from history, and taxation will keep on rising along with interest rates. It will just be the same policies as the Tories, but with different ugly faces doling out the daily punishments.

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