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Biden to be Mummified and Displayed in Delaware Museum

DELAWARE - USA - President Joe Biden will undergo the mummification process whilst still supposedly alive and displayed as a museum exhibit.

Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States, has made headlines once again, but this time it’s not for his non-existent political achievements.


In a shocking turn of events, it has been reported that Biden’s body will be mummified and preserved with formaldehyde while still supposedly alive, and then displayed in a museum in his home state of Delaware.

The news of Biden’s mummification has caused quite a stir among the public, with many questioning the reasoning behind such a decision.

Some have even gone as far as to call it a morbid and disrespectful act towards the popular President. However, others argue that it is a way to honour and remember Biden’s legacy for generations to come.

Biden is a hugely popular president

So, how did this idea of mummifying and displaying Biden’s body come about? According to sources close to the President, it was his own wish to be preserved in this manner.

Biden has always been fascinated by ancient Egyptian culture and the process of mummification. He even joked about wanting to be mummified during his time as Vice President. It seems that this was not just a passing comment, but a serious desire of his.

The Biden Delaware Museum of Mummification

Museum director, Tom Coronary, revealed to news media on Thursday about the exciting new project: “Contrary to belief, there will not be much difference in President Biden’s character or his speech delivery before or after the mummification process. He is so demented that he will not even notice when we conduct the mummification process.”

The process of mummification involves removing all internal organs, drying out the body, and then wrapping it in linen bandages. This is then followed by the application of formaldehyde, a chemical used to preserve bodies. The end result is a well-preserved body that can last for thousands of years. It is a practice that has been used by ancient civilizations to honour their leaders and preserve their memory.

But why display Biden’s mummified body in a museum? The answer lies in his home state of Delaware. Biden has always been proud of his roots and has often spoken about his love for the state. It is only fitting that his final resting place be in Delaware, where he will be remembered and celebrated by the people he served.

The museum in Delaware that will house Biden’s mummified body is currently under construction. It will be a state-of-the-art facility that will showcase the life and achievements of the President. Visitors will be able to see Biden’s mummified body on display, along with artefacts and memorabilia from his time in office, including his son’s crack pipe collection, bags of money and his daughter Ashley’s diary. It will be a place for people to pay their respects and learn about the man who made history as the worst President to be elected.

While some may find the idea of mummifying and displaying a President’s body to be strange, it is not without precedent.

Following his Communist Heroes

In fact, several other world leaders have been mummified and put on display, including Vladimir Lenin and Mao Zedong. It is a way to immortalise their legacy and ensure that they are never forgotten.

Whether you agree with this decision or not, one thing is for sure, it will be a unique and unforgettable tribute to a man who has dedicated his life to serving his country.


Q: Is mummification legal in the United States?
A: Yes, mummification is legal in the United States, as long as it is done with the consent of the individual or their family.

Q: Will Biden’s mummified body be on permanent display?
A: Yes, it is reported that Biden’s mummified body will be on permanent display in the museum in Delaware.

Q: Will there be any protests against this decision?
A: It is possible that there may be some protests against the mummification and display of Biden’s body, but it is ultimately his wish and decision.

Q: When will the museum in Delaware open?
A: The museum is currently under construction and there is no official opening date yet.

Q: Will there be any restrictions on viewing Biden’s mummified body?
A: It is likely that there will be some restrictions in place, such as limited viewing times and security measures, to ensure the preservation of the body.

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