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Woke Harvard President Resigns After Anti-Semitism and Plagiarism

MASSACHUSETTS - USA - A woke Harvard president has been forced to resign over anti-Semitism and plagiarism.

An anti-Semitic racist woke Harvard President was forced to resign because of her racist views and huge amounts of plagiarism for her doctoral thesis. The woman was installed into her $900k/year position simply because of the colour of her skin and her woke attitude, and not for any academic value. In America, this sort of employment is very popular, especially in universities, and is called ‘affirmative action’. Regardless of ability to do a job or qualifications, these ineffectual people are given positions within institutions and companies of high power and salary.

“Wear a silly pair of glasses, be a certain colour and female with a fucked up hairdo whilst spouting the same old tired woke victim rhetoric, and you’re the new Harvard president,” a Harvard recruiter revealed.

Firing these useless people is a hard endeavour as they immediately bring out the old predictable card and immediately run to the woke media outlets who lap that victim shit up with ardour. Conversely, if these fuckers are forced to resign, they invariably leave with a pitiful resignation letter distributed to the woke press. No one wins.

Cry into your fucking plagiarised doctoral thesis, you pathetic useless parasite, there is nothing more hated than your type of attitude.

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