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Biden Has No Control Over Any of His Actions Including Nuke Button

MICHIGAN - USA - Joe Biden not only has his finger on the nuke button, but he has absolutely no control over his mind or actions any more.


When a guy has to read notes dictated to him by others to answer a simple question in front of TV cameras, you know it’s all over.

If this was a boxing match and a boxer just got up from a count, the referee would stop the fight.

“Biden was stumbling all over the place in this pie shop. Not only was he tripping over his own feet, bumping into things and people, but his words were completely garbled. There were long silences as he just stopped mumbling in mid-sentence for no apparent reason, then he would take notes out of his pocket, before trying to answer the question mumbling incoherently,” one shocked observer revealed.

The most incredible part of this horrendous saga is that Biden has the nuke codes, he has the authorisation to start a global nuclear conflict in the time space of five minutes if it went through his Swiss cheese brain. If the generals say go, he will agree without hesitation, as he does to everything else.

“As everything is dictated to Biden, what to say, what to do and how to do it, would it be any surprise if some Neocon U.S. military generals all got together to bombard Biden with requests to nuke Moscow or wherever? There would literally be no opposition simply because Biden cannot make a single decision or thought himself. People just don’t realise the amount of danger we are in daily with Joe Biden falling over the fucking place,” another worried observer revealed on Monday.

Enjoy a good night’s sleep knowing that Biden could start a global nuclear war at any moment.

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