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Channel Crossings: There Were Cheers in France When Labour Won the Election

LONDON - England - When Labour won the election, there were cheers in France, as the economic migrants were loaded onto rubber dinghies for the Channel crossings.

The doors were open under the socialist wimp Tories, now under Labour, there are no doors. Starmer has a house building plan to wreck the British countryside to accommodate the millions of economic migrants coming to the UK illegally. The celebratory cheers from hundreds of thousands of migrants and their rich traffickers embarking across the Channel could be heard in Dover when the election result was announced. You thought Britain was already overcrowded, give it a few years of Labour no door policy, and you will see what overcrowded really means. The Channel crossings will now increase at an exponential rate.

SovietLabour plans to build over 1.5 million homes over the British countryside, and the bulldozers will soon begin their wrecking as they destroy the streams, the trees and the green fields so that garish grey soviet style blocks of flats and horrible square communist homes with tiny windows are built over the landscape.

Britain’s cities are already overcrowded shitholes where migrants who do not belong in the UK do not care for the country or its laws or culture are decimating entire swathes of the nation. In places like London, it is nigh on impossible to hear an English-speaking voice any more, and the streets are filled with phlegm spitting peasants from some far-flung land who are only here to make as much money as possible to send home. You see, the massive migrant influx does not benefit the economy in any way, all the money these people scrounge is sent back to their own countries. So-called ‘asylum seekers‘ on benefits even take regular expensive holidays back home to the country they supposedly fled from danger, and the gangs of criminals have found ways of claiming benefits from thousands of fake claims to make millions, which they also send back to places like Bulgaria, Romania, and Asian countries.

The moronic idiot Rwanda plan of Rishi Sunak which wasted over half a billion of taxpayer pounds was shelved by Labour on the first day of office. It won’t make much difference though because the amount of taxpayer money under Labour that will be flushed down the toilet will be in the trillions.

Come on over, free healthcare, free housing, free 4-star hotels, free schools, free transport and tonnes of money that Britain does not have.

Dare to try and get an appointment with a GP in a few months time, it’s hard enough as it is. You need a dentist? Better keep your rotten British teeth rotten. Oh, you need urgent medical care — tough fucking luck. Little Jimmy can’t find a place in a school any more, oops! Drive on the traffic filled potholed roads where there are no road rules any more, get hit by an erratic driving heavily armed Eastern European gangster who never indicates when turning with no insurance, tough fucking luck. Eat it up!

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