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U.K. Used to Have Fourth Largest Gold Reserves Until Gordon Brown Came Along

FIFE - Scotland - One of the main reasons the U.K. is so vulnerable today and susceptible to economic misery, is because when Gordon Brown was Chancellor during the Blair years, he sold off all of Britain's gold at the bottom of the market.

The current economic crisis enveloping the world at the moment could have been very different for Britain if Gordon Brown had not sold off Britain’s gold for a pittance as prices now are reaching $1700.

“Britain would have had a real bargaining chip if Gordon Brown had not sold off all the reserves for the lowest price. We used to have the fourth largest reserves in the world, now we’re barely at twenty,” Barclays stockbroker, Reggie Braithwaite, told the BBC.

Britain’s reserves were not ‘salted’ unlike their American counterparts who do not have a full vault at Fort Knox, the U.K. lost £16 billion when Gordon Brown sold 400 tons of Britain’s gold reserves at rock-bottom prices in 1999. If he had kept the gold and it had been sold at today’s prices, the U.K. would have been in a different position to what it is now – a moribund wreck.

“With the additional reckless spending spree that Brown went on when he shoe-horned his way into office, the U.K. will be in trouble economically for the next 40 – 50 years. Many generations of taxpayer will have to suffer just because of one man’s idiocy and reckless vandalism. Gordon Brown is actually a traitor to Britain. He should be tried for high treason for making our nation into a defenceless piss hole without any chance of getting out of this mess for many years,” Thomas Hetheringbone, 87, a decorated WW2 veteran told the Times.

Gordon Brown, who has been on a permanent taxpayer funded holiday since being ousted from office, even tried to apply for the head job at the IMF recently.

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  1. 29 billion actually; because we all saw the interview with the clever civil servant who designed the fiendish auction of licences, which was the real reason the auction raised so much AND because this wasn't FREE money – it's been added to all of our cellphone bills and it is therefore another TAX, like the serial increases in NI , fuel duty, alcohol duty, 'windfall taxes' on banks, utilities, SDLT, taxing the dividend income of our pensions, but paying for the public sector pensions by increasing council tax, quadrupling the passport tax , adding children to the passport tax, and on and on and on……… the public sector spend increased from 35% of gdp when thatcher left to over 50% when Broon had finished – thats a 50% increase in 20 years, why am i wasting my time with this i need to do some more work to finance the borrowing

  2. Why is it never mentioned that Gordon Brown earned the Treasury over 22 billion pound sterling with his sale of fourth-generation phone licences ?

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