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Gordon Brown: "Oh No! What Have I Done?"

LONDON - England - Gordon Brown, the unelected PM who has brought the country to its economic knees, is said to be thinking about retiring to his bunker underneath Number10, senior aides have revealed.

With Britain’s deficit looking to be worse than Greece’s after it was revealed that the government borrowed £4.3 billion even after receiving tax receipts last month, the gravity of the situation is slowly dawning on the rest of the country.


“People are slowly waking up to how Mr Brown deceived the country by racking up huge debts, selling off the UK’s gold reserves at the bottom of the market and making awful decisions that have effectively bankrupted the UK twice over. Plus the population are slowly realising that the cost of everything is rising at quite a sharp rate now. Petrol in the UK is now on average £7.50 a gallon and is set to rise even further in the near future. Even with Mr Brown raising fuel tax to 93% of the price the gov. have to borrow huge amounts of money to keep the behemoth cost of the NHS and benefits system going. There is only one conclusion to this horrible situation we are all now in, yes, the country is heading for a precipitous fall if someone does not stop Gordon Brown’s spending. Someone needs to stop him and his destructive ways, but who? Is there anyone left who can stop this scorched earth gorilla from breaking up Britain and sending its already poverty stricken people into further famine and poverty? Alas, I do not think so. The damage by this awful mendacious malicious monster Brown has been allowed to continue for so long now by his cowardly party, who I might add are a bunch of weak enablers, that there will soon be horror and rioting in the streets because of him. Maybe this is what he wants, his New World Order must first create chaos before order, the ultimate plan to whittle out the old way and people, to bring on thirty years of riots. The Fabian Socialist elites have already factored the riots in to their equations. They will be living in specialist luxury colonies in Montenegro while the riots continue unabated, sipping their champers as they watch the latest news bulletins. This is the reality my friends, so one must be prepared for these eventualities, because once the food gets too expensive, the people will need to eat. If there is no food, what are they going to do?” a Westminster political commentator told the Squib.

The Centre for Policy Studies reveals that the real national debt is £1,340 billion, which is 103.5 per cent of GDP. This figure includes all the public sector pension liabilities such as pensions, and Private Finance Initiative contracts e.t.c (Northern Rock liabilities).

The reality of the
situation is that Britain is now paying a weekly sum of billions on
interest payments for the debt Gordon Brown has created. Where is the money for
these debt payments coming from? From your pockets, mes amis, the taxpayer is
footing the bill for these interest payments and there is no benefit to
our nation’s economy for them.

It would be best for Mr Brown to retire to his bunker for now. He has done his job of ruining the UK. All he has to do now is wait for the rioting to begin and sit back, get one of those DVD’s that Obama gave him in a box set and think of other things. He will be kept informed from time to time of what is going on on the surface but otherwise, he will sit there smiling in the darkness and twitching uncontrollably at his great success as Britain’s ‘greatest’ leader. Here’s to dreaming of ‘Eco Towns’.

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  1. I’m voting Labour because they are the party of the future, a party that will bring prosperity to the many and not the few like the Conservatives.

  2. Look at Labour’s record, there has never been such a high level of wealth and riches in this country. People have more luxuries than at any time in history. People should stop whinging, the Labour party has brought you up from the Tory legacy of boom and bust.

    People have never had it so good under Labour, don’t throw it all away with the Tories.

    THINK !

  3. Labour is the party who know how to deal with the hard issues, they are the one’s fighting for Britain today and NOT the toffee nosed Tories who are too busy fiddling expenses.

    Wisteria anyone?

  4. Vote Labour! Gordon is the man to bring us out of the recession. Vote Labour for a Safe Future where Equality is for Everyone.

    Trust us to deliver and you will never be sorry.

  5. Man of the people, old Etonian, multi-millionaire and Bullingdon man, Dave Cameron appeals to the ordinary British voter as a down-to-earth bloke-next-door, if you happen to live in SW1.
    Anyone north of Finchley likes a little more fat on their bacon than this light-weight greener-than-thou metrosexual kid can offer……….

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