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Censorship of Censorship is Next Stage of Woke Cancel Culture Censors

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Censorship of censorship is the new Direktive being given by the Woke Septom and Media Overlords.

WOKE CENSORSHIP DIREKTIVE 53921-B released today by the Woke Septom and Soviet Media Overlords stipulates that previously censored material will succumb to further censorship because the act of censorship in itself is an act of censorship that must be censored. Ultimately, all forms of censorship meted out by the media overlords are to be censored and cancelled completely as an act that ensures that the censorship process is completely censored within the remit of current censorship policies by all left-wing soviet woke censorship diktats.

When there is nothing left to censor

Any censorship that does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Woke Septom of censorship will be censored and cancelled forthwith. Censorship within the censor’s spectrum of censorship criteria will be censored and cancelled, and in some cases the censor will censor their own censorious actions by censoring their actions with full censorious disclosure.

In this respect, the act of censorship itself should be censored and cancelled, including the censoring officers who officiate the censoring process with censorship and censoring that mitigate the circumstantial censoring of any form of censorship that may offend censors who were censored themselves via the process of censorship.

Please do not refrain from not censoring events or speech that was censored at one time but was re-censored then censored at a different time when sentiments changed but reverted back to woke politically correct censorship ideology. Censorship of materials that were created prior to censorship in soviet woke ideology must all be censored and removed from human consumption as a form of censorship that equates to past ideological subversion and demoralisation within the censorship field of operations.



The previous WOKE CENSORSHIP DIREKTIVE 53921-B is currently under review and will be censored.WOKE CENSORSHIP DIREKTIVE 53922-C will supersede the previous censored direktive which will also be censored and cancelled. 

UPDATING … If you are reading this now you have violated CENSOR CODE 309923-D. YOU WILL BE CENSORED SHORTLY.

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