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Man Who Wants Everything Censored Censors Himself By Living in a Bag

KIRKIDLIE - Scotland - A man who wants everything censored and cancelled has censored himself by living in a black bag.

A man who does not agree that humans should have any form of self-expression or freedom of speech and that everything must be heavily censored has censored himself completely and now lives in a black plastic bag.

Ronan Kenterpire, 24, who graduated from Dungworth University in Scotland last year after completing a degree in Socialism and Woke studies, has been at odds with any concept of free human expression, or any opinion that dares oppose the latest official woke narrative.

“I live in this plastic opaque black bag because it protects me from having to see/hear any un-woke opinions, and to censor my own opinion because sometimes I have a thought of my own which is not a piece of soviet woke propaganda released by our woke overlords. Please leave me alone, do not speak or show me anything that is not woke.”

Kenterpire’s black plastic bag is situated on a piece of barren landfill which is 500 km from any human contact or town. Once a month he has a food delivery thrown at the bag from Kirkidlie Council.

If you are walking along, maybe on your weekly ramble and see the black plastic bag with a man in it, please resist the urge to go up to it and give the contents of the bag a good kicking.

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