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Will Elon Musk’s Brainchip Work?

CALIFORNIA - USA - Elon Musk's brainchip is a step in the right direction, however the technology is still severely limited and in its infancy.

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The brainchip has been a big subject for the Squib and we have been discussing this dystopian idea for years.

The key to brainchipping is the realm of control, and the last final bastion in controlling humans is the brain, your very thoughts, your secrets, your ability to lie or tell the truth.

People and agencies like Musk are pioneering this technology that will at some point create a hive mind of interconnected humans.

Your behaviour will be altered to suit whatever society you are in, and one can imagine the advertisers will have a field day once they get in on the action.

Humans have been trained by tech overlords to be dependent on their smartphones and their iPads, for decades now. To take away a smartphone of a person who is addicted to their device is tantamount to taking away an arm or a leg, these people cannot live without these things. Studies have even been conducted with people who have had their smartphones taken away, and they cannot function, some even resort to self-harm.

To this end, most of the population has been conditioned now to be totally dependent on their smartphone, therefore the next step should have been virtual reality, but this never really took off. Virtual reality is still in its infancy, especially with clunky headsets, and mediocre graphics that do not give the necessary immersion.

Ray Kurzweil, Google’s head engineer should be the grandfather of the brainchip, but he seems to be very quiet these days. He is probably waiting for the population levels to die down first before he emerges with his plans, and this is where Elon Musk and Neuralink comes in. Musk, is not waiting around, and has capitalised on Kurzweil’s absence from the forum. No doubt Google is engineering something behind closed doors but there is mostly silence in that department.

Peoples brains have been rewired already by the internet and overuse of smartphones, many cannot formulate their own thoughts without referring to the internet, and feel extreme anxiety when away from their devices. Another point to iterate is the loss of attention span, which before the internet era was not much of a problem. People used to be able to concentrate on any given subject for much longer than people do now. Flitting from one subject to another is a constant addictive journey for these automatons now, hooked into the mind prison of the World Wide Web. This is what the controllers wanted all along, and have engineered this behaviour now over decades.

Much of the global population have through the use of smartphones and the internet lost the ability to formulate and think for themselves. There is a very good reason that tech bosses like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates limited their children from using iPads and smartphones for a reason — they knew what these tools do to young minds.

There will thus be queues around the block to have chips sewn into the brain, because it will be the next step in technological evolution touted by the masters who have engineered this mass human experiment.


Brainchipping will evolve very quickly, and much like downloading an app onto your smartphone, you will be able to download certain things into your own brain, however do not take this as a one way street, because the controllers will be able to extract more information from you than you consciously know. How many times have you used an app, when suddenly an advert with loud music comes onto the screen? The same thing will happen with brainchips eventually where the user may be chilling out on a quiet beach somewhere all engineered by the app, when suddenly your whole mind is hijacked by an advert which you cannot switch off — it’s in your head!

Alteration of behaviour, enforcement of individuals who are habitual criminals, the societally bereft will be reconditioned through brainchipping. If you have to rob banks every day, there will be a solution to that. As for prison time, how about speeding up the brain so much that one minute is equivalent to a whole year? Prisoners could thus be tricked into spending thousands of years in an institution as an ultimate punishment for their crime. That’s good news for the taxpayer.

The global population has already given up much of their privacy and the intelligence agencies have collated so much information from every citizen that they do not know what to do with it all. Imagine the increase of information that will be collected from brainchipping, your deepest secret thoughts, your fantasies, your desires. Everything that makes up your mind will be mined, and sold to the advertisers, the insurance companies, and whichever agency pays for the valuable data.

Of course, when implementing any new tech, it has to be first marketed in an almost medical way, it has to be seen as helping people with neurological problems function better, but this is all of course a ruse, because the real reason this technology is being introduced is far more sinister than you can possibly imagine.

One can foresee a dystopian nightmare future where humans will be mere cattle. The real controllers, the programmers and engineers who control the tech will be the shepherds, they will be your visible masters, and above that level will be the AI supercomputers, sentient gods who will oversee everything with meticulous efficiency.

The only problem right now is overpopulation around the globe, and the Chinese Virus has not completed its job yet. Who is to say that COVID-19 was an initial experiment and that in some Chinese lab they are now engineering and tweaking their initial attempt with something way more aggressive? New technology would be wasted on the current population, and the ideal technological society would be one with a low, regulated human population. It is only then that the big leap forward will materialise for certain.

Musk’s brainchip is an antiquarian step, but the real stuff will come later during the post-consumerist stage. The globalist controllers will have to complete their mission first, to reduce the globe’s population levels by 90% at least before the tech will be viable for use — only for the privileged few.

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