Robotics Future is Almost Upon Us

BOSTON - USA - Thanks to Alphabet owned companies like Boston Dynamics, and Head of Engineering at Google, Ray Kurzweil, the Singularity will be achieved within the next few decades.


We are seeing massive leaps and bounds in technological advances, not only through robotics, artificial intelligence but through nanotechnology as well.

Call it what you will, call it Moore’s Law, but within 25 years, humans will have a choice whether they want to be enhanced or not. This process will involve neural chipping inside the brain where the possibilities of boosting human intelligence will be limitless.

If one reads the literature direct from the source, humans of the future will mould with technology not only physically but mentally. The functions of eating food may not be needed, or breathing air, with nanobots swimming through the body delivering necessary oxygen to cells and repairing any damage or rooting out cancerous cells on a whim.

Where does this technological magic leave the low paid worker? The conglomerates and corporations will no doubt seek a work force that is reliable, does not need to be paid, and is effective in managing all operations efficiently. One can thus assume that all jobs below the pay threshold of £50,000 will be replaced by A.I. systems and androids.

Fast food restaurants, administrative, warehouse, and most office work will be the realm of artificial intelligence. As for policing, there will be no need for human security officers and most policing within metropolitan areas will be the responsibility of androids. All current jobs that utilise human drivers will also be advanced to robotic A.I. systems, with the advent of driverless vehicles in all cities.

As in all technology, the price for personal robots to do the house chores and cook the meals, to look after the kids, will drop to an affordable level for all households. Just as the television was once an overpriced luxury to many households immediately after its introduction, there is not a single household now that does not own a television or screen of some kind.

There may however be resistance to some of this change, and it is only natural that some sections of the human populace may feel side stepped by such tremendous moves technologically, however there is nothing to fear, as with all epochs, the same resistance was for example suppressed during the Industrial Revolution and the coming Technological Revolution will not be any different, especially when the advanced weaponry on hand will be nigh on impossible to beat.

The ethical and philosophical questions that may arise, will always be tempered by progress. To reach the zenith of human existence one must also break a few eggs, otherwise what kind of omelette are you going to have?

The unknown should not be feared by man, but embraced, and when the unknown becomes a known, then there will be no unknown, just the limitless stars beyond to explore for millennia.