Historians: Trump Demagoguery Mirrors Il Duce Mussolini

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Leading historians at the Smithsonian Institute in the Capitol are keen to warn the American people of the pitfalls of blindly following a presidential candidate such as Donald Trump.


“In Trump we see a narcissistic demagogue personality capitalising on the seven years of Obama rule, which has reduced Americans into a seething pot of hatred, bigotry and racial intolerance.

“Trump is a reality show personality who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument and is thus deemed a danger to the United States.

Warnings From History

“By appealing to the populist mob mentality, Trump is mirroring other demagogues from past history, like Mussolini and Hitler.

“Trump may deny openly that he espouses the fascist doctrine, however through analysis of all his speeches and appearances we have concluded that he is a fascist, an American fascist who abides by all the tenets of the political doctrine in its purest form.

“Building walls, mass deportations, rabid patriotism, and the clinical alienation of large swathes of the population to further his goal of fascistic empire, would eternally bring the United States into a war footing with most of the globe. Global war would therefore be a certainty under Trump as he would seek to increase America’s empirical intentions in formerly peaceful regions of the world.

“This time, the Jew has been supplanted by the Muslim, and as in any fascistic doctrine, Trump has sought to increase the Islamaphobic fervour for his own needs, to create an enemy to rail against. In 1925, Mussolini pronounced himself the de facto leader, Il Duce, of the new Italian Empire, and reduced all democratic institutions embracing a dictatorship. The same would apply to Donald Trump, who would reduce democracy in America and create a dictatorship to oust any form of dissent to his rule.

“Only the illumined can see this in America now, but the majority of the U.S. population is blinded by the Trump demagoguery, blinded by jingoism, and blinded by the rhetoric of the gutter that is Donald Trump.”

Addendum: The Daily Squib was the first to make the connection between Trump and Mussolini, and it seems now the Smithsonian has seen fit to make the connection as well.