Hillary Clinton Addresses Black Privilege

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - African Americans have never had it so good, and their privilege has been addressed by Hillary Clinton.

Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, addressed the problem of black privilege in America yesterday, especially the massive privileges bestowed on ‘Black Lives Matter’ activists infesting every corner of the United States.

For such an organisation as ‘Black Lives Matter’ to exist, it is privileged to receive massive levels of funding from some very rich sources.

Blacks in America are some of the most privileged people on earth receiving vast state subsidies, free medical care, free housing and jobs even if they are not qualified to do them. The job program is called ‘affirmative action’ where employers must employ African Americans within their work force even if the applicant has no qualifications.

The music business today in America is almost entirely a black enterprise with hip hop, rap and r’n’b dominating every facet of the market. With this vast privilege, people like 50 cent, Beyonce and Jay Z dominate the music industry and have amassed lucrative fortunes.

The unfortunate statistic, that 80% of crime committed in America is by African Americans, and that they make up most of the prison population, of course is a minor detail and always brushed under the carpet, especially when blacks only make up 13% of the U.S. population. But they’re allowed to do that because it is their privilege and special status bestowed on them.

Nowhere is the black privilege more prevalent than the American news media, where if one takes the excruciating time to watch a news report will realise that any crime reported, however heinous, will never mention the race of the perpetrators. Instead Americans are assailed with the clinical non-descriptive terms ‘young people’, or ‘teen’. That is a privilege in itself, as it deems the crime as invisible. Another notch for the privileged black belt.

The fact is, after seven long years of Obama, blacks have never had it so good. They are now wealthy, privileged compared to other nations, and supported from birth to death by the state.

Socialism has worked wonders for the black community in America, and every other YouTube video is a progressive educational broadcast telling people about how black people feel, what you can do to change things, and how. The myriad of Huffington-esque socialist rhetoric, embellished with Marxist undertones seems to have reached the politically correct American populace and successfully indoctrinated them to believe the programming.

Whatever you do though, don’t ever utter the words ‘All Lives Matter’ in America as you may find yourself on the other end of a solid beating.