Lord Howard: The Beginning of the End

LONDON - England - Lord Howard is now backing the Leave campaign to get us out of the EU.

And so they jump ship, the reality sinking in swiftly. Michael Howard, dredged up from the 1990s Major government, a key Conservative of multiple eras, a man who even helped David Cameron become Prime Minister, is turning his back on his protegé.

Will David Cameron get the message? He was sold a two legged nag with one eye by the EU spin machine, laughed at by the French, umlauted out the room by the Germans, and defecated on by the Romanians.

No one stays on a sinking ship. It defies all logic and reason, and somewhere in that brain of his, Cameron must know this, but how to get reason into his brain?

Someone or something has to make this madness end. How can anyone of sane mind consider staying in the EU?

In a major role reversal, Lord Howard may have to put a stake in Cameron’s heart to stop him continuing on with his foolish ways.