Trump: “I Read Benito Mussolini Memoires Every Day”

NEW YORK - USA - Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump has outlined how he reads the memoires of Benito Mussolini every day to give him strength in his campaign.


“The Il Duce, was a great man, and he was a strong man. I am inspired by his life and how he changed Italy for the better. This is what I want for America,” Mr Trump told CNN on Tuesday.

Benito Mussolini was the founder of fascism, and was instrumental in the deaths of millions of people in World War II, but that does not seem to phase Trump, who aspires to bring a totalitarian regime to the United States as well.

“Let’s face it, there will be a period, like Mussolini’s when he was prime minister of Italy, where he ruled constitutionally until 1925, but soon after he thought, screw this, let’s have a full dictatorship. I’m not saying we’re going to have an immediate dictatorship in America when I’m president, but I’ll give it a little time, maybe a year or two. Business is business, I gotta do what I gotta do, and I’m going to clean house, whatever it takes. Fascism is great because you don’t have to answer to anyone, you just do it.”

Will Trump eventually end up like his hero, hanging from a post?