EU Stick Knife Into Cameron

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The EU tears up asylum deal that allows Britain to remove 1,000 people a year, as Prime Minister says nothing as usual and kowtows to his superiors.

Britain won’t be able to deport thousands of asylum seekers as of today because the Dublin ruling has just been scrapped by EU president, Jean Claude Juncker.

“Because of the scrapping of this deal, anyone who now comes into the UK is barred from deportation, could be a hate preacher, a rapist or a murderer, plus migrants are not constrained by having to claim asylum only in the first country of entry as it was before,” a smiling EU technocrat said whilst enjoying a filet mignon at an expensive Brussels restaurant.

Meanwhile back in Britain, a subservient spittle sniffer prime minister, quietly acquiesced to the reneging of the Dublin deal and simply shrugged his shoulders, much like Neville Chamberlain did when he came back from Germany singing the praises of Herr Hitler all those years ago.

David Cameron is Neville Chamberlain, and unless someone with some fucking balls comes in to mend this almighty mess, we will all be goose stepping soon.