Neuralink: Monkey Playing Pong

SAN FRANCISCO - USA - Elon Musk company Neuralink has released a video of a brain chipped monkey playing pong.

Elon Musk’s Neuralink program of brain chipping is moving ahead in strides with a new video of a monkey playing pong.

This amazing brain interface is a start in brain chipping which will enhance humans in the future, but most of all help those who are paralysed to interface and communicate better with others.

Whether we as humans will ever get to the level of Matrix style bulk downloads of information and instructional manuals is another thing.

The whole education system would be made redundant overnight if one could gain the ability to speak Japanese or any other language with a brief download into the brain. Want to fly a Huey, or learn the whole physics curriculum in seconds? That would be an amazing time, but would it bring forth a sense of ennui in humans? Would anything be challenging any more if you could learn the entire Jiu Jitsu martial art in three seconds?

The possibilities are endless, especially when humans may even be able to communicate with animals one day. Unfortunately, humans are still only at the beginning of this amazing journey, and have a long way to go yet.

What does Elon Musk’s team have for us next?