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It’s Getting Worse! Now They’re Going to Have Brain Chipped Lawyers

LONDON - England - The Law Society wants to have lawyers brain chipped.

If it’s not bad enough having the sharks swimming around ready to take a huge chunk out of your wallet, now some cunt has come up with brain chipped lawyers to set upon the populace.

Electronic brain implants would make lawyers into walking legal dictionaries quickly scanning years of background material and cut costs in the future, a new report claims.

The report from The Law Society sets out the way the profession could change for employees and clients as a result of advances in neurotechnology.

“Chipped lawyers? Next they’re going to chip all great white sharks in the ocean!” one frightened person said when he heard the horrific news.

It suggests that a lawyer with the chip implanted in his or her brain could potentially scan documentation in a fraction of the time, reducing the need for large teams of legal researchers.

This hideous scenario would be quite a sight to behold. Imagine a court filled with these robotic super-lawyers all computing at the same time. What if one of them overheats?



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