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Trump Rat Lawyer “I Can’t Wait to Drop the Soap in...

SING SING - USA - The former lawyer to Trump, Michael Cohen, who has been ratting to a Congressional democrat engineered hearing says he is looking forward to prison.

Looks Like It’s Back to Work For Stormy to Pay Off...

LAS VEGAS - USA - Now that Stormy Daniels has lost her legal bid to destroy President Trump, she will have to get back to work to pay off the massive legal fees.

Teflon Don Should be Allowed to Sleep With Top P*ssy If...

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Amongst the caterwauling wailing Dems, the rat lawyers and biased left leaning newsrooms, nothing is sticking to Donald Trump, the Teflon Don.

Feminist Model Sues Men Who Look at Her

LOS ANGELES - USA - Feminist model Coco Mondreal, 21, is suing any man who looked at her during an awards ceremony.

Thousands of U.S. Lawyers Abandoning America

BOSTON - USA - In a land where six out of ten people are lawyers, many are now boarding ships and leaving their own country to hopefully find better job prospects elsewhere.

California Divorce Lawyers Applaud New Gay Marriage Ruling

LOS ANGELES - USA - Californian divorce lawyers were smacking their wallets at the thought of gays being allowed to marry and divorce in the US state of California.

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