Urgent Communique to Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs From Princeton Professor to Avert Imminent War

Golestan palace, Tehran, Iran
NEW JERSEY - USA - We publish an urgent message of peace written by a concerned Princeton professor addressed to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Islamic Republic of Iran.

Kiwis: “Sorry No New Zealand Lamb For England”

Sheep and lambs new zealand
LONDON - England - The Kiwi Trade Minister, who attended the cricket world cup final between England and New Zealand on Sunday is outraged at the result and is vowing a blockade on lamb chops.

Mourning the Death of Another Instagram YouTube ‘Star’ Killed By Own Vanity

Underwater selfie shark
LONDON - England - Another paragon of human society, YouTube Instagram 'star', has bought the farm, amongst all the other victims of their own narcissism in the overflowing cemetery of social media.