New Film: ‘Attack of the NPC Hordes’ Hits Cinemas

npc communist socialist brainwashed drones
PORTLAND - USA - As the DS film critic, I was kindly invited to the latest film to hit the box office, 'Attack of the NPC Hordes' .

Looks Like It’s Back to Work For Stormy to Pay Off Lawyers Fees

Stormy Daniels
LAS VEGAS - USA - Now that Stormy Daniels has lost her legal bid to destroy President Trump, she will have to get back to work to pay off the massive legal fees.

17,410,742 Leave Voters to Turn Up at Number 10 Downing Street

17,410,742 leave voters
LONDON - England - Step aside! 17,410,742 leave voters are set to turn up at Number 10 Downing Street to demand democracy is adhered to in Britain and we Leave the EU. All of it.