New Paramount CEO is Daily Squib Business Hero

paramount ceo pictures bob bakish
LOS ANGELES - USA - Paramount CEO Bob Bakish has refused to add trigger warnings to the company’s historical content, asserting, “I don’t believe in censoring art.”

EXPERTS: Putin Has Micropenis Syndrome

putin micropenis
MOSCOW - Russia - Why is Vladimir Putin aggressive and angry all the time? According to experts, he has micropenis syndrome.

Ghislaine Maxwell Will Recruit Harem of Female Prisoners

ghislaine maxwell pretty girls
CONNECTICUT - USA - Ghislaine Maxwell is looking forward to building her own harem of young female prisoners in her new prison.

Harry and Meghan Back to Oprah For Another Tell-All Show

meghan harry oprah
MONTECITO - USA - Harry and Meghan are pitching a new exclusive interview with Oprah revealing more royal secrets to the public.