Vladimir Bukovsky: The Dissident’s Book of Soviet Crime and Western Complicity

CAMBRIDGE - England - Vladimir Bukovsky's book "Judgment in Moscow" is a vast treasury of material revealing the insider goings-on of a Soviet regime of totalitarian madness and brutality.

West Asleep: Iran Continues Uranium Enrichment Program For Bomb

Weapons of mass destruction. Iran ICBM missile. War
TEL AVIV - Israel - Every day is a day lost of inaction as the Iranian regime increases their uranium refining production to 90% weapons grade. Who will make the first move?

Disenchanted American Socialist Millennials Protest Capitalism By Tampering With Supermarket Food

socialist anti-capitalist protest
CALIFORNIA - USA - Disenchanted socialist American youths are showing their displeasure with capitalism by fouling supermarket food, then sticking it back on the shelf.