Queen’s Speech Without the Queen

queen's speechvideo
LONDON - England - This year's Queen's speech funnily enough does not involve the Queen in any shape or form attending parliament.

How Will the IRA Winning the Election in Northern Ireland Affect the UK?

Derry, Northern Ireland, IRA
BELFAST - Northern Ireland - How will the political arm of the IRA affect the United Kingdom after gaining the majority of seats in the election?

Beergate: Karma is a Bitch For Sir Beer Starmer

keir starmer beergate beer starmer
LONDON - England - Hypocritical Labour leader, Keir Starmer is now embroiled in his own Beergate scandal as he flouted lockdown rules.

Hey, At Least Cancelling Roe v Wade is Good For Black Populations in America

roe v wade
WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Cancelling Roe v Wade will be a positive thing for African American population growth in the United States.