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Illegal Economic Migrant: “Now I am Christian I can Stay in Your Country”

DORSET - England - An illegal economic migrant is one of many who is claiming to have converted to Christianity to gain asylum in the UK.

As the sex attacker Abdul Shokoor Ezedi, who left mother and child disfigured with a vicious acid attack, is on the roam evading the police, it has now been revealed he was twice denied residence, but succeeded after conversion to Christianity. Now over 40 economic migrant asylum seekers who crossed into the country illegally are doing the same and claiming they have converted to Christianity.

“It is easy to fool the stupid Christian priests who are desperate to reclaim their dying clergy. I just went up to the reverend and said I wanted to be Christian. He immediately took me to the church, and I was baptised as a Christian. Now they cannot deport me. Abdul, Zaid, Muhammad and Jamal my friends are all now converting as well. In reality, we hate Christians and know nothing about the religion apart from they eat pigs,” an asylum seeker who recently converted to Christianity revealed.

Now as many as 40 asylum seekers on the Bibby Stockholm barge are said to be converting to Christianity, sparking fears that migrants are claiming to have changed their religion in order to be granted asylum.

“By claiming to be Christian, they cannot send me back to Afghanistan, where I will be persecuted. This is the best and easiest way to obtain a life of benefits and luxurious lifestyle in your country. Thank you, English idiots in your church, in the name of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad, praise be upon him, we have tricked you. I pray towards Mecca every day and spit on your filthy cross,” another jubilant asylum seeker revealed, laughing hysterically.

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  1. You have to admit tho this is a great way of bypassing immigration control. These guys have MPs and immigratin officers running round in circles. Pure genius.

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