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Has Immigration Ruined Europe?

BERLIN - Germany - Some people are asking whether immigration ruined Europe. This is absolutely ludicrous, and silly to even ask.

Apparently some Europeans are now asking whether the mass unfettered immigration levels have ruined Europe? Surely not! This is a ridiculous thing to ask. Of course, huge influxes of people from foreign lands into one land mass is not a bad thing. Europeans should feel enriched by the cultural changes being forced on them.

No Evidence That Immigration Ruined Europe

We visited a few European cities to see how immigration has enriched the lives of Europeans today.

Paris, France

Paris mass immigration

No! Mass immigration has not ruined Europe at all. This is a ridiculous assumption to make.

Rome, Italy

Trevi Fountain, rome, Italy.

There is absolutely no evidence that mass, unfettered immigration has ruined Italy.

The Netherlands

dutch windmill

It is a crazy thing to say that such a thing has ruined Europe.


spain immigration ruined Europe,

No, it is not noticeable at all here either.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, sweden immigration ruined Europe,

We cannot find a single piece of evidence to back up your ridiculous claims about the state of Europe.

Berlin, Germany

immigration ruined Europe, berlin, germany

Nothing to see here folks, everything is okay. If you somehow read this article or a mere portion of it and thought in your mind that the assumption of the article was in any way relating to the mass movement of people from outside Europe into the continent you have been sadly mistaken by the false assumption that this would be something that you assumed in your mind. Please refrain from any assumption that you may or may not have assumed. Thank you.

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