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Juncker: “We Tried Economic War, Mass Immigration War, and If That Does Not Work..”

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Jean-Claude Juncker made another bristling speech today warning Britain of the vagaries of non-compliance.

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“Excuse me, (Juncker slurps a glass full to the brim of cognac) ah..better, where was I? Yes, yes, we tried to infiltrate your country economically, we tried to flood your country with EU immigrants to weaken you and reduce your national sovereign identity, we tried to.. (smacks lips then downs three quarters of the large glass in one go) ..you know, change your laws to benefit us, we may have to resort to real war soon mes enemies, because every underhand trick is barely working with you Britisher scheisse. I say this to you (burps loudly as a little vomit comes up) where are you going to run to from the might of the EU? You have nowhere to run to, we are united, you are not, we are also working with Scotland, and Ireland, soon you will not have a chance. You cannot run forever, your Cameron is just acting anyway, it’s not real, he wants EU on his terms, but he does not have the testiches to negotiate properly, he is a poor salesman, and a poor poker player, I poke you Britisher with an EU stick, and next time you will jump, (finishes the large glass of cognac, a man brings another one, this time filled with vodka) and our technique of reduction will have worked, your traitor Cameron will have to obey, you will comply or die.” After his little speech, Juncker burps with such ferocity, an olive is ejected from his throat and hits a cabinet across the room shattering the glass.

An EU army will be strong, united and well equipped, it will be separate from NATO.

The last step was always to be different to Hitler’s approach, because he chose military first, and that was an overt approach that did not work in the end, the EU is different, it has approached conquest through economic means first, then it utilised a technique of infiltration through mass immigration, culminating in the loss of sovereignty of the nation being attacked.

The EU military force will be a conscripted army, and this will bolster the forces for future incursions. The days of negotiations are nearly over, the unelected technocrats know that, and the time is nearing for a show of force that would have made Hitler proud, and how proud he would have been to see the EU today.

The cliffs of Dover may very well see another attack soon. What will Cameron, Blair, Miliband, the BBC and other traitors say then?

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