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Juncker: British Houses of Parliament Will Be Made into Shopping Centre

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Jean-Claude Juncker wants the Houses of Parliament to be replaced by a shopping mall.

The ‘elected by the people’ EU president, Jean-Claude Juncker is proposing the Houses of Parliament be made into a  shopping centre, reminiscent of Brent Cross.

“It is with great pleasure, that as full power is aligned with Brussels, you English swine will have no need for your Houses of Parliament. The EU will instead demand you build a faceless concrete monstrosity over the ruins of Pugin and Barry’s masterpiece. Maybe you can have some of your former politicians scrubbing the toilets, we want them clean when we come over to spend our taxpayer expenses. Clean up my pisse, Cameron you snivelling batard!” Juncker said whilst sipping a jug of cognac.

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