Cholera Norovirus Plays at Glastonbury

GLASTONBURY - England - Forget the insipid lacklustre tones of Lana Del Ray, this year's Glasto star was new band on the block Cholera Norovirus.

This time the band did not take to the stage but played in the mud.

“We wanted to play with the audience, you know right with them. It’s a lovely feeling in the mud, we get squishy right in there, and when they go back to their tents we go right there with them, we love it, this is what the music is all about,” lead singer, Gastro Enteritis told Melody Maker magazine.

Glastonbury revellers were today raving about the band’s amazing performance.

“Afterwards I went back to my muddy sodden tent and vomited into my mate’s sleeping bag for three hours solid, then when there was nothing left, the diarrhoea was streaming like the falls man, it was wicked. The beauty about this band is they come home with you too, and stay with you for months,” Alfie Munter, 23, a keen Glasto fan told the BBC.