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The Daily Squib Anthology Book Now For Sale

As the editor of the Squib I can proudly announce that The Daily Squib Anthology From 2007 to 2022 is finally for sale.

Since founding the Daily Squib on April 1st 2007, many changes have taken place on the internet and indeed the globe. This is why this carefully curated anthology encapsulates those changes in a satirical manner. Fifteen years of different presidents, prime ministers, wars, peace and a myriad of little societal nuances that made up that period of history.

Looking for that curious unique gift for dad’s Christmas stocking, or something to read while taking the dump of the century in your toilet, the Daily Squib Anthology is the perfect celebration of our times, good and bad?

Come, join the circus, look at the clowns and listen to the troubadours as they usher in a new era for humanity, horrific yet beautiful at the same time, a glowing paradoxical dystopian paradise entrenched in reality show hell and fake celebrity appearances. All manner of fantastic beasts projectile vomiting over everything daringly encapsulating this curious rare book compiled with the indomitable spirit of Juvenalis in mind, but furnished within a modern 21st century outlook.

A bold erupting satisfying fart into the darkest and illuminating facets of humanity’s wonders, The Daily Squib Anthology is now available to buy direct from the publisher or from Amazon, or from any good bookshop.

Get your copy now, the first 150 are signed by the author.

The book will only be released in paperback.

daily squib book signed

Biden Family Profited Off US Fentanyl Crisis Funded By Chinese Triads


The corrupt Biden family have profited off the US Fentanyl crisis that is killing thousands of Americans daily. According to details from a new investigative book, the Biden family received $5 million from the business partner of “White wolf”, a Chinese Triad gang leader who founded the Fentanyl drug trade route to the USA. Fentanyl is a 1000 times more powerful than heroin and is decimating large swathes of the United States with chronic addiction and overdoses.

The art of killing

During Joe Biden’s tenure as Vice President under Obama, the Biden’s courted business with the Chinese tycoon Ye Jianming, the chairman of CEFC China Energy Co., which had strong ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

Ye Jianming and the Triad drug boss White Wolf set up the Shanghai Zhenrong Petroleum Company together. White Wolf’s Triad gang, UBG “United Bamboo Gang”, also has a “partnership” with Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel and helps them in the production and distribution of fentanyl in the United States. UBG helped to turn “the Sinaloa Cartel into the King of Fentanyl,” according to a Mexican investigation of the cartel.

The Biden family are directly complicit in fomenting the huge increase in Fentanyl distribution across the USA blighting many cities and causing the death of hundreds of thousands of Americans. This direct link with the Chinese triads and Mexican cartels as well as the Chinese Communist Party are one of the many reasons that Joe Biden as the so-called President of the United States turns a blind eye to the drug distribution chains fomented by Chinese Triads and the Mexican Cartels.

There is a reason why the Biden family owns many vast luxurious properties, and can live lavish lifestyles. It is strange that Joe Biden could afford such riches on a simple government salary.

Because the Fentanyl crisis is also linked to the CCP in order to destabilise the USA, Joe Biden has been cautious to criticise the Chinese premier Xi Jinping. If he were to voice his displeasure on the Fentanyl pipeline to the USA, the funding to the Biden family from these corrupt criminal organisations may be jeopardised.

Thanks to the Biden family and progressive socialist ideology, US cities like Portland, Oregon are now frontline zones of drug death and mayhem, deteriorating every day further into the mire of Fentanyl fuelled zombie apocalypse.

Reform: Saving Britain the Common Sense Widdecombe Way


The whip cracks to the strains of Abba as Ann Widdecombe takes to the stage much like a tornado takes to a Floridian coastline. This is a woman who can only speak sense and nothing else, and should be venerated as Britain’s true saviour, especially regarding the fields of mass unfettered immigration, law and order as well as real fucking fair rights.

You may not agree with what Ann Widdecombe says, but that’s because you have no sense of true right and wrong. You must learn, you must appreciate what Ann Widdecombe says because her voice is the shout of the Magna Carta, the shout of the silent majority and the shout of ancient Britons.

Freedom means everything to this woman, and it means a lot to us at the Daily Squib offices. We need to bring back our liberty, our freedom for expression without persecution and cancellation. We must tolerate other people’s opinions, and this Christian woman rightly wants Christians to be treated in the same manner as other religions are treated. This is only fair for every Christian, if you believe in Christianity or not, this is a religion that is becoming more and more marginalised.

Ann Widdecombe is the antidote to the horrid Marxist woke high priests of fake morality, as much as the Daily Squib has always fought against. This is why when we were afforded an interview with Ann, we were truly honoured.

This coming election, a message must be sent not only to the failing incompetent Conservative Party but to the failing lacklustre Labour Party as well — WE’VE HAD ENOUGH!

There is No Common Ground With Sunak


For leaders to be effective, they have to have some relatable qualities — Rishi Sunak has none. As a prime minister, and Indian billionaire, Rishi Sunak is about as relatable to the general public as much as a giraffe relates to a Compact Disc player from the 1990s. There is absolutely no common ground with Sunak and the British people. He is simply a number crunching machine, an automaton, an autocratic robot with zero personality and zero emotions.

No common ground

Why would anyone vote for someone or something that is an unelected entity put into place by unseen forces in the first place? Rishi Sunak is a nowhere man with a nowhere agenda, and this is why the country is in such a state of utter turmoil.

There was never any ‘levelling up’ and there never will be, it was all just an elaborate ruse to placate the foolish idiots in so-called ‘red wall’ areas of the country. The recent sacking of Lee Anderson for simply telling the truth about the London Mayor being an Islamic terrorist Hamas sympathiser surely will increase the level of doubt that many already hold with the unelected PM.

The Last Five Winners of the Ryanair Chase


The Ryanair Chase stands as a celebrated fixture on the National Hunt racing calendar, captivating audiences with its blend of speed, stamina, and thrilling competition.

Since its inauguration in 2005, this now prestigious Grade 1 contest has witnessed the crowning of champions, the forging of legends, and the display of raw equine talent on the hallowed turf of Prestbury Park.

This year, Joseph O’Brien’s Banbridge is the favourite in the Ryanair Chase odds 2024. However, he looks set to face stiff competition from last year’s victor Envoi Allen and another previous Cheltenham Festival winner in the form of Stage Star.

As anticipation builds, let’s take a journey back in time to revisit the last five winners who stole the spotlight and left their mark on the history of the Ryanair Chase.

2018: Balko Des Flos

In 2018, it was the Henry de Bromhead-trained Balko Des Flos who stormed to victory under the guidance of jockey Davy Russell.

Fancied at odds of 8/1, the then seven-year-old delivered a commanding performance to win by over four lengths — showcasing his class and stamina to secure a memorable triumph in this prestigious contest.

2019: Frodon

The following year belonged to the bold and tenacious Frodon, who captured the hearts of racing fans with his courageous front-running display.

Under the expert guidance of jockey Bryony Frost and trainer Paul Nicholls, Frodon etched his name into the annals of Ryanair Chase history with a stunning victory from 9/2.

Frodon’s win is also noteworthy as it is the only time in the last eight years that a horse trained outside of Ireland has won the Ryanair Chase.

2020: Min

In 2020, it was the turn of the formidable Min to claim glory in the Ryanair Chase.

Trained by Willie Mullins and ridden by jockey Paul Townend, Min produced a flawless performance to outclass his rivals and secure a memorable victory by a neck over Saint Calvados in this prestigious Grade 1 contest.

Having finished behind the legendary Altior numerous times in previous renewals of the Cheltenham Festival, it was fantastic to see Min finally get his moment in the spotlight.

2021 & 2022: Allaho

The subsequent two editions of the Ryanair Chase witnessed the emergence of a true superstar in the form of Allaho.

Another horse trained by Mullins, Rachael Blackmore rode the Cheveley Park Stud-owned horse to a 12-length win in his maiden success before Paul Townend took the reins for a 14-length win in 2022.

Allaho has unfortunately struggled with injuries over the last couple of years and hasn’t been able to have a crack at winning what would be a record-breaking third Ryanair Chase.

2023: Envoi Allen

Most recently, it was the turn of Envoi Allen to add his name to the illustrious list of Ryanair Chase winners.

Trained by De Bromhead and ridden by Jack Kennedy, Envoi Allen was priced at 13/2 in the race odds but produced a scintillating performance to assert his dominance over the favourite Shishkin.

It was the third Ryanair Chase victory in a row for esteemed owners Cheveley Park Stud.

Our Delightful Dystopia of Conformity


Imagine a world where everyone thinks the same things, says the same things and does the same things. A world where everyone dresses the same, and everyone is a picture of pure conformity amongst the mellisonant words of our feudal lords. This is our beloved woke dystopia of conformity.

There is no privacy in this world because cameras and surveillance systems monitor each person at all times. Your every action and thought is broadcast to the controllers who monitor your behaviour 24 hours of the day. Your data and metrics are logged, filed and analysed. Your habits and distant dreams known.

In this world, there are no secrets any more, as you are watched and controlled “for your own safety”.

The Woke Marxist feudal lords who rule over you are doing this for your own benefit; they really do care for you, they know best, they want you to be happy, to smile through your gritted teeth as you consume their daily effluvia within this mindless prison of utter dystopian conformity.

You must be happy, happy, happy at all times and if you are not, then it will be re-education for you or maybe a mild adjustment to your brain interface. If that does not work, then it will have to be permanent cancellation for you. What a pity! You did not conform, you did not capitulate like the others. You are an aberration, an anomaly, therefore it is the disintegration room for you. Your mise en abyme must be punished, you must be cleansed of all individuality and obliquity.

This is our dystopia of conformity, our Metaverse, our internet, our woke conformist society today and in the future.

The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal. “Many of them are normal because they are so well adjusted to our mode of existence, because their human voice has been silenced so early in their lives, that they do not even struggle or suffer or develop symptoms as the neurotic does.” They are normal not in what may be called the absolute sense of the word; they are normal only in relation to a profoundly abnormal society. Their perfect adjustment to that abnormal society is a measure of their mental sickness. These millions of abnormally normal people, living without fuss in a society to which, if they were fully human beings, they ought not to be adjusted.
 Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited

How Fusion Games Change Up Classic Formulas 


You might not think it, but most of the games that casinos offer are actually pretty old. Games like Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette have all been around for a long time.

You get lots of variations these days, sure, but the basic mechanics and rules are the same ones that players have been using for sometimes hundreds of years. Of course, fresh themes and new graphics help to keep them from falling behind the times.

If you want something that really feels new, though, you need a bit more innovation than that. This is where fusion games come into the picture. By taking elements of different games and melding them together, developers can create gameplay experiences that are truly fresh.

Games like Slingo or Crazy Pachinko switch up the formula of the classic games that predate them to produce an experience that players can’t find anywhere else. And, if you’re curious how they achieve this, then read on.

Gaming goes digital

As much as players still enjoy old classics such as Poker and Slots, there’s only so much that these games can change their core gameplay. Every variation of them is always going to feel at least a little like the original, from their aesthetics to their game mechanics and rules.

When casino games made their move online, this opened up an opportunity for greater innovation. Without the constraints of a physical table or slot machine, developers were free to let their imaginations go wild.

This is where we began to see fusion games crop up, benefitting from the increased accessibility of online gaming. Now that players could see all of their options laid out on a single webpage, they might be more likely to give unfamiliar games a try.

The best of both worlds

The real secret to the success of fusion games is quite simple. They take gameplay mechanics or components from casino classics and bring them together into something new.

Probably the most famous fusion is Slingo, which took the basic gameplay of Bingo but added the random element of Slots reels to the mix. As numbers appear on each spin of the reels, this gives players the chance to mark them off their 5×5 Bingo-style grid.

For anyone who’s played Bingo before, it’s a pretty recognisable premise. But importantly, the game experience is fundamentally changed by the presence of the Slots reels.

Aside from just generating numbers on the reels, they can also throw up special symbols that you wouldn’t see in a normal Bingo game. Symbols like Jokers and Devils change up the gameplay by giving you the chance to mark off any number in the row or blocking a row for a spin.

That’s the core strength of a fusion game, bringing together the best elements of other classic games to create a unique experience.

So, if you’re looking for something a little different from the classic games you’re used to, it might be worth checking out a fusion game. For something that’s equal parts familiar and fresh, the unique appeal of these combination games is obvious.

ECHR to Demand ISIS Bride Shamima Begum Has British Citizenship Restored


Ms Begum travelled to Syria to join ISIS in 2015 aged 15. She had her citizenship revoked on national security grounds shortly after she was found in a Syrian refugee camp in February 2019. Today, the Court of Appeal upheld the Begum ban, but her lawyers are now talking about appealing to the Supreme Court and ECHR.

Last year, the 24-year-old lost a challenge against the decision at the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC), which said the removal of her citizenship was lawful. Her lawyers then made a further appeal to overturn that decision at the Court of Appeal, with the Home Office opposing the challenge. In a ruling this morning, three judges dismissed Ms Begum’s bid, but it’s not over yet, the ECHR will no doubt rule in her favour.

Parasite immigration lawyers have been raking in millions off the backs of British taxpayers with legal aid, and the question is if she is not a British citizen any more, why in fuck’s name is Begum receiving UK legal aid in the first place?

Shamima Begum who revealed in the past she enjoyed watching ISIS beheading videos is now costing the UK taxpayer millions of pounds in legal aid with her ongoing battle to come back to the UK.

The shameful lawyers milking the system for tonnes of money no doubt had big smiles on their faces when the Court of Appeal decision was made today. This is a great chance to eke out the court cases for many more years.

Michelle Obama to Replace Puppet Joe Biden For 2024 Election


The Obama’s who are currently in their third term and are the principal controllers of the shuffling puppet Joe Biden, will most certainly have a fourth term in office this time without the walking cadaver Biden as a false facade. Michelle Obama will announce her presidential candidacy within a few weeks, her associates have revealed.

“We have used the corpse of Joe Biden for a while now, but it seems to be fraying at the edges too much. When it cannot even relay the data we pump into it without making serious mistakes, it is time to come out of the shadows and do it yourself. We are fed up with our puppet failing, and if you want something done properly as the old adage says, you gotta do it yourself,” an Obama official revealed to Newsweek on Monday.


Indeed, it seems the Biden puppet served its purposes, but decay and decomposition have caused the Weekend at Bernie’s corpse to fall out of favour with its controllers pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

“We at one point thought about embedding a speaker in the Biden corpse so it could relay speeches directly from the control room but decided that it would be too risky because Biden’s mouth would not be moving, so we made the decision for one of Biden’s controllers. Michelle Obama to actually run for president herself. This would be a momentous decision because Barack Hussein Obama was the first ever foreign black gay president, and Michelle (Michael) Obama will be the first ever trans President of the United States,” the official added.

Meghan Markle Joins Islam


Meghan Markle has apparently converted to Islam in a final defiant move to distance herself from the Windsor royal family. According to reports from Montecito, Markle will announce her conversion on a special Oprah show televised in April.

Speaking to ABC News, Meghan revealed that she had “finally found peace within herself and with Allah” and was ready to explore this new chapter of her life.

“I want to instil love and peace into the world. From now on I will be known as Mehbooba, and Archie will be Abdullah, and Lilibet as Illiyeen. As for Harry, I will persuade him to convert to Islam as well. His new name I have already chosen for him will be Ekanag.”

Meghan Markle’s spokesman Omid Scobie, who is an Iranian Muslim, suggested the couple convert to Islam as a remembrance for the late Lady Diana, who was about to convert to Islam shortly before she tragically lost her life in a Paris car accident. Her boyfriend Dodi Fayed, the Egyptian-born film magnate, had introduced Lady Diana to the Islamic religion.

Meghan Markle fans all over the social networks went wild at the news and reacted positively.

On Twitter X many of the Sussex fans celebrated the news and congratulated Meghan on her spiritual awakening. One Twitter X user, Jolen34 said “Gosh dayum! This is the best news I heard in ages. I am now going to join Islam and move to Saudi Arabia!” The user received 350,000 likes for her comment.

On Facebook, user Kiwi45 said: “OMG! Meghan really did it. I can’t wait till I see Harry wearing a towel on his head and carrying around a prayer mat”. The comment received 450,000 likes in less than an hour.


Story developing

This Daily Squib Plan Would Empty the UK in a Month


Worried about the mass unfettered migration? Can’t get an appointment with a GP? Can’t go more than 10 MPH on the overcrowded roads? The Daily Squib presents a plan that would solve the UK’s overcrowding problem in a jiffy.

Let’s face it, the cities and towns of the tiny British Isles are now so overcrowded with legal and illegal migrants that the entire system of government is crumbling. The NHS cannot cope; the schools are overcrowded, the roads are parking lots and English is now a dying language.

Well, never fear, the Daily Squib has a cunning plan that would not only stop the fucking rubber dinghies crossing the Channel daily, but all of the migrants would leave the UK for good in less than a month.

You may ask yourself what sort of dastardly plan is this, and is it even possible? Well, our plan is not only safe, legal and kosher, but it will weed out the wheat from the chaff. You see not all migrants are a detriment to the UK, there will be some who will stay and be of actual use to the country even after our plan is implemented — but they will be very few in number.

Let’s cut to the chase. Our plan is very simple and can be implemented in less than a month, ensuring a huge exodus of millions of unwanted people from the overcrowded shores of Britain. It’s quite simple — bring in a compulsory military draft for every man and woman.

Illegal and legal economic migrants trying to leave the UK at an airport

The airports and ports would be overcrowded within hours as millions of economic migrants make their escape. The Channel would be full of little dinghies overcrowded with illegal migrants doing a bit of reverse osmosis paddling back to France, where they will be greeted by a baffled French Navy who would urge them to go back to the UK, but it would be too late.

Within hours of the announcement, NHS hospital appointments delayed for over 2 years would be suddenly available. GPs would suddenly be able to see you. Hospital wards would have empty beds for the first time since the 1950s. Benefits offices would be nearly empty, as the prams full of kids pushed by Eastern Europeans and Sub Saharans disappear.  School class sizes would suddenly drop to normal teachable levels. The roads would empty, reducing pollution. You would be able to walk down the street without being stabbed or robbed because the gangs would leave as well. Crucial funds for Britain’s services would suddenly be available. The prisons would empty. You may even start to hear English being spoken on public transport and the streets. The Labour Party would lose 80% of their voters overnight. Sadiq Khan would be one of the first people to leave, which would bring back London as the true capital city of Britain.

These would be some of the benefits for the UK, as there are too many to list here. This is a bona fide plan that would work. The key thing is, does anyone have the balls to implement such a plan, as simple as it is it would be bloody effective?

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