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Six Jobs George Osborne to Star in Porno Film

AMSTERDAM - Netherlands - Former Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne is to star in an adult movie, as one of his myriad of talents and numerous jobs. ... Full story

Confused Feminist Celebrity Shows Off T*ts

LOS ANGELES - USA - An actress who pedals her sexual attractiveness at every turn to further her career is also a staunch feminist, according to reports from news media. ... Full story

Oscars Doo Doo Land Wins

HOLLYWOOD - USA - No one has heard of the films that were allegedly winners in this year's Oscar ceremony last night. The funny thing is it did not matter if there was a mix up for best picture with a geriatric Beatty barely recognising where he was, it just did not matter because the films involved were so unmemorable. ... Full story
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Madonna Seen Lurking Outside White House

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Pop star, Madonna was seen lurking outside the White House today and was promptly told to leave by a group of secret service men. ... Full story
The music industry

Mariah Carey Lip Sync a Comment On Today’s Music Biz

NEW YORK - USA - The music biz continues its precipitous fall into mediocrity, lip syncing, autotuned hell. ... Full story

George Michael’s Last Sordid Christmas

OXFORDSHIRE - England - Far from the days of Wham youth, George Michael passed away this Christmas, a sad forlorn creature who had had his fill, yet could not stop and yearned for even more. ... Full story
Collection time

2016 The Year Satan Collected

CLARKSDALE - USA - Making a deal with the devil ain't easy, because you really have to want what he offers and you really have to be ready to give away your soul for eternity. ... Full story

Champagne Socialist Lily Allen Sells Her Four Luxury Homes to Live in Jungle

CALAIS - France - Former pop star who was educated at a top private school yet spoke in a mockney accent and pretended to be one of the people, has sold her four luxury homes so she can go and live in the Calais jungle. ... Full story

President Trump Inaugurates “Grab a Woman by the P*ssy Day”

NEW JERSEY - USA - Newly elected republican president, Donald Trump, after his spectacular November election win, has designated July 27 as 'Grab a Woman by the Pussy Day' across the whole nation. ... Full story

First Picture of Kardashian Armed Robber

PARIS - France - The Daily Squib has received an exclusive first photograph of one of the armed robbers who tragically stole $43 million worth of jewellery from porn actress Kim Kardashian on Monday. ... Full story
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