Champagne Socialist Lily Allen Sells Her Four Luxury Homes to Live in Jungle

CALAIS - France - Former pop star who was educated at a top private school yet spoke in a mockney accent and pretended to be one of the people, has sold her four luxury homes so she can go and live in the Calais jungle. ... Full story

President Trump Inaugurates “Grab a Woman by the P*ssy Day”

NEW JERSEY - USA - Newly elected republican president, Donald Trump, after his spectacular November election win, has designated July 27 as 'Grab a Woman by the Pussy Day' across the whole nation. ... Full story

First Picture of Kardashian Armed Robber

PARIS - France - The Daily Squib has received an exclusive first photograph of one of the armed robbers who tragically stole $43 million worth of jewellery from porn actress Kim Kardashian on Monday. ... Full story

So Which Are the Best Online UK Casinos?

LONDON - England - For overall reliability and security, UK online casinos are the top of their league in world standing. ... Full story

Visit Charlotte North Carolina

CHARLOTTE - USA - What a great city to visit this Autumn. Don't forget to visit all the museums in the city and cultural hot spots. With great hotels, restaurants and bars, fun will be had by all. ... Full story

World Powers Convene After Brangelina Split

NEW YORK - USA - The United Nations security council has convened in emergency session after news trickled through that Angelina Jolie has split from Brad Pitt. ... Full story

The Science of Surprise

LONDON - England - Ever wondered what happens to your brain when you're surprised? ... Full story

$57 Million Debt Kanye Fashion Show Goes Well

NEW YORK - USA - With something resembling a cripple parade, Kanye West and his cheezy show is transcending all fashion barriers. ... Full story

Burning Man Hypocrisy Burns

NEVADA - USA - Parasites that clamp onto events like Burning Man are an injustice that for many is too hard to take. ... Full story
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Online Casino Games: Put a Few Pokies On the Barbie

SYDNEY – Australia – Playing casino games online is a fun and profitable enterprise because of all those lovely bonuses when you deposit your cash. ... Full story
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