Visit Charlotte North Carolina

CHARLOTTE - USA - What a great city to visit this Autumn. Don't forget to visit all the museums in the city and cultural hot spots. With great hotels, restaurants and bars, fun will be had by all. ... Full story

World Powers Convene After Brangelina Split

NEW YORK - USA - The United Nations security council has convened in emergency session after news trickled through that Angelina Jolie has split from Brad Pitt. ... Full story

The Science of Surprise

LONDON - England - Ever wondered what happens to your brain when you're surprised? ... Full story

$57 Million Debt Kanye Fashion Show Goes Well

NEW YORK - USA - With something resembling a cripple parade, Kanye West and his cheezy show is transcending all fashion barriers. ... Full story

Burning Man Hypocrisy Burns

NEVADA - USA - Parasites that clamp onto events like Burning Man are an injustice that for many is too hard to take. ... Full story
casino games

Online Casino Games: Put a Few Pokies On the Barbie

SYDNEY – Australia – Playing casino games online is a fun and profitable enterprise because of all those lovely bonuses when you deposit your cash. ... Full story

Streisand to Get Nose Job if Trump Wins

LOS ANGELES - USA - Acclaimed nasal cartilage toting Barbra Streisand is joining the list of disgruntled celebrities threatening to do something bad if Donald Trump is elected president. ... Full story
cash war dogs

Two 20 Year-Olds Just Got $300 Million From the Pentagon

MIAMI - USA - Dogs of war or Frogs of war, whatever, two guys securing a $300 million deal with the Pentagon is enough of a tale to tell. ... Full story

Another Year Another Episode of Celebrity Big Brother

LONDON - England - Yet another year passes, and another pathetic series of Big Brother is foisted on the air waves. ... Full story

Apparently the World Will End Again Today

LONDON - England - According to some Christians today the world will end as the earth's magnetic field shifts and Jesus Christ will come back floating on a white horse. Either that or it will be just another Friday. ... Full story
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